KTalk Prayer Warriors

I want to believe that there are some born-again Christians in this village, besides me and @ol monk I suggest we form a prayer group whereby we will be praying on pertinent issues facing this village, the country, the world or anything of particular interest.

Besides, we can be having a daily devotion in the form of a thread with a message from one of the warriors. We post on rotational basis.

Anyone to second this?



Take cover incoming C.U bomb!


Count me in dear.

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Avenue for chai drinking n gossiping

Avenue for the pastor or leader to finally “eat” the flock


Nitachukua sadaka

i can join in posting a verse daily

I will marry the pastor.


Ol monk is a Christian by sarcasm.

Let’s start by you changing that handle to pink! Honesty first…Anyone calling him/her/self a prayer warrior should be truthful. Pia mimi naomba number ya pastor…

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Passtha Offering eh?

I booked the pastor first. I wonna drive a Range

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You mean preying on our brothers?



I don’t think God would approve of you using prayer as a weapon when you haven’t exhausted your large arsenal of brain power to solve ‘pertinent’ issues.

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Mie ntakua usher

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Kama ni manki sawa… Chukua yeye!

No. The first pastor kabla manki a graduate.

Guys Guys . whatever you are smoking today

Ok then… we’ve unanimously agreed that the pastor is not in charge of the offering, Assistant Pastor/deputy is! I want the deputy!! BOOKED!