Ktalk New Feature

We’re trying to have a new feature introduced to ktalk, that’s a new tab where members can share Web pages they think other members would like to look at.

It could be anything from fitness regimen to recipes for kachumbari. The webpage opens within ktalk when a member clicks on the title and depending on how you feel about the page you can Upvote if u liked it or Downvote it of you didn’t.

Pages with the highest Upvote ratio will feature on the tab’s front page to make it easier for members to quickly access valuable information.

If you think this feature could be useful make my day by voting Yes!


just voted yes,
you mean links like this.

hahaha, that’s a good start. So imagine reading that within the confines of ktalk frames

what about more emojis like that of clueless guy:cool::cool::cool:

and you wonder where all the stray cats have gone to, kumbe ni chakula kwa mchina.

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… na “button” za ku move kwa next ama previous post
hii story ya ku backpage haileti shangwe


i like!

@ol monk maybe you could pin this poll at the top so more talkers can see n vote?

I support.

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na mbona hakuna favourite botton kufavourite interesting posts…

Ability to change village title>>>>e.g. village sniffer dog

Echoed my frustrations kabisa!

worth a try, wont break any bones I guess

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sawa. lakini hiyo ngamia na miwani inakaa ufala na ushga mtupu. Hayo tisa, Kumi ni kwamba: Wazo zuri hilo na nimelikubali

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acha discrimination kaka, ngamia pia ana metabolism

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over to you @admin, done my part

Okay, i commit to implementing the above feature request.I would also like to request for some patience on your part as there are some other pending tasks which I’m also handling some of which include:
[li]- applying a fix for Facebook video embedding[/li][li]- investigate and fix reported mobile browser issues[/li]
[li]- setting up a scroll to top button requested earlier[/li]
[li]- setting up image watermarking[/li][li]- implementing previous and next thread buttons[/li][li]- implement image gallery featuring images aggregated from all threads[/li]
[li]- setup thread auto refresh[/li][li]- migrate to https (ssl)[/li]
[li]- setup CDN to deliver static content[/li][li]- setup primary db replication[/li][li]- implementing link sharing and voting system tab[/li][li]- others which have been noted…[/li][/ul]
Perhaps you can comment if you feel that my priorities are not in order, likewise if you feel that you might be of help don’t hesitate to contact any of the staff members and offer suggestions and feedback.


I wouldn’t offer suggestions on priorities as others may have made requests before I did, but I think this feature is going to revolutionize ktalk if done correctly as it will be the first on any East African forum.
Also an avenue for Kenyan publishers to bid for sponsored positions, so a win win for both u and the rest of us.

I now see you have your hands full, would offer assistance if I were well versed in php, so you’re on your own here (insert nay nay dance).

Anyway thanks for listening.

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