Ktalk is Enough Proof of a Black Man's Preoccupation

I decided to chart the distribution of content on Ktalk and the results were as under:-
From the chart, it is apparent that a typical black man is preoccupied with stuff that does nothing to improve his circumstances and well being. Consider the effort put on general stuff, sex and politics as compared to technology and business for example and you begin to see my point. No wonder useless activities like weddings, funerals, ruracios circumcision et al rank high in omwafrikas list of priorities. Na kwa hio maneno, wacha niende kunywa busaa.

Wacha niite @Bingwa Scrotum afanye summary

:D:D:Dtrue though…

Very true

Waah bonobo hapana penda diy…

Y’all feigning surprise with your nyeuthi brains

Hata farming imeshika mkia na vile huwa tunajigamba eti ours is an agriculture driven economy. Hata corona iko nyuma ya kutombana na BBI.

But you have contributed none to either business, motoring , or technology.

And that’s why @Nyamgondho Wuod Ombare is the most valuable talker on this forum for consistently creating high value content in sections where other talkers dare not contribute. My guidance and counsel has been invaluable on this forum.

All work and no play…

Well this is rich considering you’re looking at the bottom 10% of the Kenyan populace, financewise.

People talk about the things they do, we’d have more threads on agriculture, finance/business etc if talkers’s Time was preoccupied by those activities

Safisha mesho is the most rated section

Pombe ,siasa na wanawake,
Ndiooo zinaongoza Kwa kijiji…

Ktalk is for less serious stuff, more like an entertainment forum…we have other forums for serious issues

Ktalk sio blood pressure to be taken serious banaa. Relaaaaax,if you want improvement jaribu instructables dot com. Hapa ni jokers and riff raffs. If you came for gold,better stack up on the copper

Your comprehension naona iko kule chini kwa basement but ni sawa tuu.

Msemo ya upuuzi from a B student downwards

You two never fail the adage,‘its never that serious’. Ktalk haitaki makasiriko

You should also have considered the median age of talkers. They are mostly young people living with their parents and have yet to get serious in life.