Ktalk hamusamehewi

Yaani Kigui anapost thread akitafuta usaidizi na pages zoooooooooote nne na ni masweep tu???! you people are brutal!

When i saw the word houseboy i immediately said hii thread comments za kwanza lazima ziwe masweep. Only to read through and ALL of them ni masweep tu.


I have said this website will be the end of me if that thread is anything to go by.

You’re an awful bunch!

Anyway, vile tu mlikuwa (as you were)

Where is the thread? link? Not seen it

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Gone through it na comments ni upusu mtupu. Problem with some talkers is taking things negatively most of the time. They ain’t serious on serious issues.

padre ukikamua sister Fransica kuna mtu hukusumbua?

Hii ndio nasema mnafikiria tu kukamuana na kukamua hakuna kitu ingine.

You felt the need to start a new thread on him? says a lot about you.

True and what most people don’t know is you become what you put across, if youde always negative, that becomes your case…

on the situation, not him.

If you notice the ones who concentrate on insults and multi handles usually get caught big time. Kwanza their is a sad young man who was photo lifting photos of someone else and trying to show off here as his own imaginary high end life. The pics were revealed and they guy went under in shame.

You did not have to start a thread based on the other thread. The Kigui I know??? Nope nope nope.

i also did not have to not start a thread. then again, read my thread. you’re mixing issues.


Im still reeling on the fact that naeza kuwa,na houseboy anaitwa brayo ama kevo ama shanikwa…this too much!! complainers wa hio post ni geh:D:D

@Kigui is a fully fledged selfconfessed homosexual