Ktalk gone to the dogs

There is nothing good to read as I chew ma airbuggers.Huu mwezi umenipeleka mbio,why lie,effect ya oil price has hit me directly.Kuweni serious kidogo tuchangamke.
@Nyarwath kuja wachilia hekaya bwana and my soul shall be happy.

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Park hio outback yako nyumbani and buy a Suzuki Hayabusa and enjoy southern bypass properly

Bado pata sponsor after all the ass peddling. Pole tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Funny that it’s the village dog that barks at everything talking about going to the dogs.
Boss, you are the dog.

Ahhh so you are promising,nitakutafuta…nitakuwa hapo Golden palm githaa yake

Pesa ya irori haiwezi kosa.

You are my bitch

Huyo @Mawaya is a fully blooded woman with monthly periods and a wide kuma masquerading as a man Niko mpaka na evidence

Ulinitomba ama?:frowning:

Mashoga wanapimana uzani?:D:D:D:D:D:D