KTalk fantasy league

It is that time again. ka EPL hivi wknds zitashika sasa.
Gamblers join this FPL league tupimane nguvu.

[SIZE=6]code 2033653-460577
[SIZE=4]Kama hutambui hii upus go in peace.



Gone in peace!


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It is the accelerator of the year.

I enjoy a good football match but I don’t have any bias towards a particular team.But I enjoy it most when minnows, Swansea and the rest upset the big money teams.

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no gambling biz owner will set up a money cow for you to milk dry.
if you are in betting for money,the odds are stacked against you.
i watch football as long as it doesnt interfere with my schedule.
mostly while drunk.
when i stop telling the difference between the teams i walk away

Sawa. Let me sign in

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Here is a plan … of course I will be the winner, so here we go … let’s say we get 20 players in the league. Each contributes 500/-. At the end of the season, winner takes home 10,000/-

kujichocha nayo.
good idea. nana atakua treasurer?

Last season I had 2026 points despite performing very poorly in the last two months. This season I’m targetting 2500.

Treasurer ni mimi tu … to simplify matters, because nitashinda anyway :cool:

wewe ni Kanyari reloaded. let it stay :cool:

ulikwa na points ngapi last season

around 1800 cant recall exact

swafi majamaa. niko ndany
msisahau hii roko >>> http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?xfsoccer/
@vuja de usimiss kuweka bets ulijichocha last ssn

niliingia hiyo league late sana, then I lost interest. this year naanza mapema

Niko ndani…bahali yake!

Niko ndani yake!



Sijaona @ekamsweu hapo