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I hear them say that “kuuliza si ujinga”…
So,juzi nimeona carton fulani imeandikwa “30 dozen table eggs”. And I was left wondering what the ferk was that.
Can someone please explain what that was all about.

A dozen = 12, so you should have 30 x 12 eggs assuming you can do simple multiplication.

I have been branded a hater so hiyo Sijui.

ukiulizwa ulifika class gani utajibu?

Not fertile for incubation, in kyuk;timatube ma jogoo

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Eggs produced specifically for human consumption. Vile @Web Dev amesema

In other news, there is no significant nutritional difference between kienyeji eggs and mayai ya grade. Save your money and stop buying overpriced kienyeji eggs


They more tastier, fuck nutrients and money

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kienyeji is organic,kama wewe hufikii bei ,tulia


But the reason most people prefer kienyeji is that “they are more nutritious”

organic or not, i know the richer color yolk kienyeji eggs taste better…though mostly smaller

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Nguvu za kiume is the key word in kienyenji eggs.


so @Web Dev na @Wakanyama ni wanyonge hiyo sector hadi wanahitaji usaidizi

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Free range and organic is doing good things, am pouring good. :smiley:

Mayai ya original kuroiler ni tamu sana na kubwa

Yaani just a one second cock romp makes all the difference in price?

And grammar too.

Ni juu ya utamu mboss.

I killed grammar here and me no give appologies

30 dozen of table eggs means that you got 360 eggs which were hatched on the table, by the table. Forget the kale smoothies and the goji berries, these my friend, are the new super foods. They are taking the world by storm.

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