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wadau jaribuni kutatua hii puzzle


[SIZE=1]its an easy one any way[/SIZE]

F7 to D7
Schupit. put a real challenge.

F7 to F8 and it becomes checkmate

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Very Bad move. F7 to D7 makes you lose the queen to the bishop on C8

i have always wanted to know how to play this game but sijawahi elewa


@coldpilsner I’m ready for the challenge on 16th September when I will be free. How do I join the club?

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unaweza join chess.com or u go to nairobi chess club in south c tugame

nipe thao 3 nikufunze ukue xpat

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based on your response it seems you do not know how to play at the first place

wrong okiya, black’s king will proceed to take the c7 rook

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Wewe ni member wa chess.com?

yes i am

Hadnt seen that. The only other way am seeing is queen to move to G7

Advice vile wewe ungecheza.

but on a serious note, go to chess.com and you will get beginners guide to chess, it is the easiest place to learn the game


wait kiasi watu wachangie kisha nita peana mwelekeo wangu, but ni rahisi na ina involve kucheck the black king first then a mate, it is a matter of sacrificing then mating

Weka first move yako. Then we discuss it

Fundah, thats not a move to checkmate. The queen will be swallowed, then by the bishop, then you chew it with the rook. King cant eat rook coz of the knight, so atasonga e8. There you unleash the bishop.

Or are you sayinbg there’s a single move to checkmate? Well, you could try sacrificing the rook to the bishop, then you chew it with the queen. Same result.

Bishop ya F3 iko mbali sana. It can’t even get out from where it is. And by the time you make those moves, the queen on H2 atakuwa amerudi kuprotect

OOh thank you.
io 3k acha nipleeke @Female Perspective

i have the solution for the game, but anyway here is how it is supposed to go,

sacrifice the rook in c7 by checking the queen in d7 then black will capture the rook in d7 using the c8 bishop, finally checkmate with queen in d7

easy as a piece of cake

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