Kris Kross - Live and Die for Hip Hop, TBT NOMA!

Nice. Takes me way back.

at 1:22

Who chose to be the next nigga to step get deleted by death
undefeated ain’t no thang to put that body to rest
chest filled with smoke yokin’ niggas up by the collar.
Follow me cuz my dollars makin’ more cents than common.
Robbin’ you for your money and your diamonds endangerin’ your species,
more like a woman than the bee gees.
No remorse steady smokin’ plenty grass let it go
and let Da Brat commence to be the baddest hoe.

rhyming mwenda!

at 3:22

I want you to feel me, my whole thang is to get inside your body, I run game like my name was John Gaddy, hittin’ hookshots like Vlade and niggas around my way call me little Liberace.
A lady lover like no other and I be lethal with my weapon so they call me Danny Glover now who keep it hot? (We Do.)
See So So def ain’t nothin’ but a fool ass crew


Hiyo chorus ndio yunibamba sana:

Well nigga roll me a mic and let me smoke it til’ I’m high if you ever seen me rock then you know that I- live and die for the things I do slang I use breakin’ down mics and destroyin’ crews.