Rich folks in Kenya get the best. Theres serious class differitial huku,
Compare with kenyata hospital [ATTACH=full]340788[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]340789[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]340790[/ATTACH]

Lanes lanes lanes

That’s a really serious investment in solar power… Good for them!

Have money or you die!

At times ominto, money will buy you good medication but wont buy you life.

Corona ilikuja kama haitambui…ukipona bahati

Supposedly it will cost $9 million, will have 100 beds and was approved by the residents association. KRIL stands for Kiambu Road Investment Limited.

It’s complete

Our leaders have no interest in KNH. According to them, that is where poor people should go to die.

Local public hospitals are also OK eg machakos hospital.

Machakos ni PR stunt tupu huyo mkamba ni meffi.

Who are the owners?

Kajiado public hospital

No idea.

Muzaiga/Runda mbirrionaires. Aka KRIL

Bora uhai. Sisi sote tutazikwa kwa mchanga.