If this is true why do we even borrow


how much are you stealing

Muhindi ataanza kukata 30% lini.

From your Jan 2021 Salary.

Na ukumbuke hiyo figure kuna wakora washatoa yao

Budgeted corrupshen. Hiyo target hua ishacapture pesa za skimming. Targets are high to accommodate theft. Ubaya zingine zinaibiwa ata baadaye from legit allocations eg. to buy meds za hosi public jamaa Afya House anapita nazo

io pesa yote inaenda kulipa deni. on Thursday you are supposed to start repaying the sgr loan to Xi Jinping. He knows you have no money. He knows mombasa port will belong to china, soon. Lakini nyinyi hamjui.

The money collected will only pay interest rates excluding principal, if you hear that Kenya is at the Paris Round Table know that we are at the lowest of low, borrowing money to repay loans compared to failed states and least developed countries that cannot support themselves

Inaweza kua juu they are targeting landlords who have not been paying taxes on rental income.

The other day walipeleka my old man mbio sana mpaka he had to negotiate a payment plan. Swines

Ungesema your old corrupt man

If they collected tax on rental income of 15% of the homes in Kenya, the country would not need the IMF.