KRA to Unearth Kenya's Secret Billionaires

This will reveal secret wealth held by Kenyans at the Nairobi Securities Exchange through nominees or proxies.

According to data from NSE, 77 per cent of investors’ wealth at the stock exchange is held by undisclosed shareholders.

Hujuma namba tings

It will never happen,hii ni mara ya ngapi wamesema watatoboa. Let people enjoy good things

Kenyatta family and associates.
Jubilee bigwigs.
White Settler remnants.

Hehe… hawa hawatashikwa. You can also add Man Giddy to that list

If they have reasons to investigate them they must have done it a long time ago…

Political class

a fart in the wind ! nothing will be exposed ! what happened to wealth declaration by MPs or the traffic cops who were making 100’s of millions from "chicken farming "

It will simply be used as a political tool. Nothing more.

And they will arrest political nobodies to make them seem ligit

I’ve never understood why these people can’t find better money laundering businesses that are hard to track. Agribusiness should come last.

Huge part of the 77% is foreigners who invest in NSE because the can game the system via insider information aquried through bribery.

Such information is very crucial to creating a police state that can make recalitrant Tycoons paupers in a few weeks. It will also help in rent seeking by power wielders.

In most advanced democracies the state has a lot of data on the wealth and financial dealings of citizens and corporations. This helps them to keep tighter control over the state and it’s affairs.

On the flip side investemnts will flee from Kenya.