KRA Thief :My paranoid Landlord

When I was hustling a few years ago, I used to stay in a plot owned by a guy working with KRA. My interaction with the owner through the caretaker and the agents made me question the purpose of stealing kama hauwezi enjoy the stolen wealth.
The landlord must have been the most paranoid guy I have ever seen. The plot (monthly collection 600k) was registered in his wife’s name, and management had been relegated to his lazy son.
The guy drove a ka beat g touring (despite raking in more than 1.5 m a month from all his rental properties) and used to stay in a delapidated house huko buru phase one. Of course he was doing all this not to arise suspicion from his colleagues at work and the authorities
I remember one time I had an issue that required police assistance and when we tried calling him, he said that he doesn’t have a rental flat and he gave us his wife’s number to explain our issue.
I made me question the wisdom of stealing. Unaiba Kwa nini if you can’t enjoy the stolen wealth? The guy cannot even pick calls from people he doesn’t know.
With the recent purge in KRA, I know he must be shitting bricks.

Wewe una udaku sana

Thats a greedy person without an exit strategy. Ukishapata ya kutosha you give a resignation notice mara moja

Another explanation could be that he is ridiculously frugal. Some of those “Rwathia boys” from Murang’a who own properties in Nairobi can be mistaken for paupers because they don’t reveal their net-worth in how they dress or move or live.
The psychology behind it is that they were raised in such grinding poverty that to them money has to be conserved at all costs.

I know a bloke who took a kunguru to his place. After a sweet pishori meal the kunguru took off with 700k cash mbeca he was hiding at his cave. Bure kabisa.

I really value my peace of mind ! I would hate to be like that guy or Kidero who instead of loved ones you have lawyers on speed dial !
Wonder if it’s the same ex KRA guy who was arrested about 2 years ago jamaa ame jaza flats kila mahali .
As much as guys say there is no fight on corruption things have changed ! if some MP tells you he will deposit 20 m in your acct and you can keep 2m you will say fuck no ! a year ago unge sema weka !

:oops::oops: mimi nikipeleka dame new kwa nyumba , i close with 4 padlocks n alert the guards not to allow any lady coming from my house alone to leave the apartments.

There’s a guy I know - a friend of a friend - who had a very clear exit strategy. He was working with one of these oil majors and alinyorosha vizuri sana.
His target in 3 years was. Two flats in Donholm with a combined rental income of 800K a month, nice mansion in Membley then he quits. The moment that was achieved, he resigned and went back to do his masters. Saa hii yeye ni lecturer and is perusing academia bila pressure.

Worst thing is that you cannot go to cops to ask for help.

Shida ya hii strategy ni your sins will always catch up with you and kamiti awaits gladly with a bar of soap. Uliza Kidero and Obado.

Hivo ndio mtu hujidanganya …:D:D:D:D

Ati huonekani, hujulikani. The very same way you Sambamba found out about the guy, is the very same way kila mtu anajua huyo mjamaa leo.

And the very same way you have told his story, vivyo hivyo ndio story yake imeenea.

“Hii nyumba naishi, ni ya jamaa anaitwa Mwangi. Ameiba KRA na huwa anatembea na gari mzee asijulikane.”

“Kale ka touring?”

“Hako hako! Kumbe unamjua?”

“Niliambiwa na fundi alijenga hio nyumba. Ni kajamaa tunajua sana. Na kana mashamba Ruai! Na huwa kanakunywa solo! Bibi yake tunamjua sana!”


He will most likely never be caught. Karma though will probably fuck up his 3rd gen

The chic who used to be a barmaid in his pub?

No this was a mid level KRA bro who picked a random kunguru at a pub.

Sometimes I pity such people. How do they sleep at night? You will even be afraid to quarrel with your wife lest she exposes you for the thief you are. Your children will forever carry the stigma of their father’s thieving ways. You do not even have the moral authority to discipline your children. No wonder they grow up to be addicts and thieves. What a life!

io ni ujinga. umeiba hadi uko assured of 1m forever na bado unakatalia KRA ndo uendelee kuiba. utaiba hadi ukufe, io ni curse. ukiiba kidogo upate capital unafaa kutoka. uishi private life.

Watoto wake watakuwa lazy. Hio ndio shida ya pesa. Half your kids will be hardworking, the other half will be lazy like hell. Hawataki kusoma na pia wanajua kuspend pesa ya mzazi then soon all the money is gone.

Huwezi toka. Pesa ni addictive. Look at politicians. They do everything to remain in leadership and near govt. resources. Uliona vile Ruto alilia in 2013. He was back to the eating from the cold desert.

KRA in one week uko na pesa ya holiday pale Zanzibar with Corazon. Utoke uwache hayo mazuri?

And still on Ruto and being discovered, how do you think for instance him and Weston were connected? Hata Ruto mwenyewe hajui. He thought he was well hidden.

He probably hadn’t even visited the site. Hata ukuwe four times removed waKenya watajua tu ni yako.

His house in Koilel in the middle of nowhere. Mafundi ndio walipiga picha wakatumia Alai. A neighbor then confirmed iko Koilel sio Moiben. Na iko na GSU 'huwa tunawaona kila siku… ’

Alai doesn’t even know where Koilel is, but within ten minutes he had all the details.

Ruto akabaki zile za, “Eeh it didn’t cost billions, eeh it’s not that expensive my fren…”

nyenze alienda parliament amebebana na mtungi za oxygen. pesa inakamata mtu anakuwa slave