Kra or income tax officers

My friend told me that some guy came bought a sh20 stuff and left as fast as he could without a receipt, after some hours the same guys comes back with officers. Claiming that why didn’t you give him the receipt, the outcome came to sh20k. Turns out they were income tax people.
Now today some guy came and bought sh20 stuff in my shop and left chap chap without the receipt . He hasn’t returned but i feel he is one of them.
Now what should i do when he comes back tomorrow?
One advice i got is i deny that i don’t remember him. But what if that doesn’t work out?
Plz help :frowning:

What kind business are u in?

Print a receipt ya Ile time alikuwa kwa shop. akirudi mpe mwambie aliwacha kwa haraka zake.


only transactions from 200 bob and above requires receipts by law.


Print the s.hit. weka Kwanzaa counter. As even kwa lost items clearly indicating time of purchase. Ikiwezekana kwa display window. Ama you print weka Siri. Wacha akuje na sijui server. Akupeleke mbele then you unleash and pursue the first one as fraud and false pretence. Allie Choo.


Its not income tax, its value added tax VAT. Its a requirement for business to issue tax invoices or receipts.

Issue is not receipts its issuing non tax receipts. Meaning receipts without ETR. The law on VAT gets & is complicated for informal business.

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hawa walikua cons

Depends on your business classification and whether you’re registered for VAT as a tax obligation.

Plus there are no receipts for stuff worth 20 bob unless it’s an organization’s internal control procedures like in supermarkets to issue one for ALL purchases so you’re under no obligation to issue one.


Osungu.dll hapa lakini.

Thanks for the response, i have a hardware shop, which quarter of my stuff is below sh200. What do you have to say on that?


it hapend to me once, a lady came bought nivea spray and left, they came but had to show them receipts of purchase that tax was paid, also depending on your business turnover you can be exempt of paying taxes.

You can apply for T.O.T (Turnover tax) if your turnover is less than 5m a year. And do away with V.A.T

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My sales varies… Monthly is 400k but annually above 5m is very rare. Does this still apply for T. O. T

The VAT Act is clear…a tax invoice must be issued where VAT is charged, doesnt matter the amount & for u to charge VAT u must be registered for that obligation. Qualification: annual turnover of 5M+ and or u if are making taxable supplies. Evidence of registration must be displayed at the premises.
Tax procedures act: Only authorised officers are supposed to carry out any kind of inspection and they must produce written authorisation/warrant from the Commissioner. Authorised officers have the powers of police officers.

Not really. The Acts are designed in such a way that they net everyone. NGOs, diplomatic missions, churches and the army, etc are the only entities, in some way and to some extent, exempt from some taxes.

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which law

somalia ofcourse


If you are registered with VAT the best thing is always use your ETR when making any sales. Otherwise KRA and conmen will be on you any time.