KRA iTax

Mazee …You have 3 weeks! The advert goes.
But when i try to log in into this website, inakataa. They gave me a password which I have tried 3 times and then after the fourth trial I was blocked…AAAARGHHH what is this shit?
Mbisha yangu ndiyo hii-------->:mad:

Dont even try to fill the thing. Nilijaza ikanishow niko na deni ya 565 bob. I am officially ferked up since I dont plan to pay.

NB: Niko na Tax compliance valid till May 2016.

My password blocked and i could not reach their customer care…so mimi nitabaki manual forever.

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Hehe mine hufanyia itms… Sitaki kupigwa penalt ya 10.v.a.t thing is not funny

This is to inform you that, you have not paid tax of 529,077.91 (Ksh) for the Obligation Income Tax - Resident Individual and period 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014 by due date 30/04/2015.

Kindly pay your tax within next 30 days ending on 11/07/2015, failure to which will attract penalty/interest.

Also, please find attached the copy of payment defaulter notice.

Please consult Mombasa South Tax Office for any queries.

Domestic Taxation Department
Kenya Revenue Authority

This after trying to submit returns for the last four days. Hii ni upuus

Whaat? wah! this is crazy.

I have not filled for 3 years…kama mbaya mbaya

I was just following Form P9 wakaleta hii upuzi. Tax arrears za 500k kwani mimi ni CEO.

Siuko na job poa maze. Ama ni Company?

It could be your employer has not submitted your PAYE for many months or if you own a company with VAT returns, you have never filed.

Is it possible your employer didn’t submit PAYE?

You get a taxable pay of around Kshs 200,000. Nyama na pombe on you end month:D

Negative. Thats why they are saying I contact them since either they are high like WebDev or something. Form P9 shows all they took as PAYE and when I validated the last column it showed I owed them 7.89 bob. I think their system is nuts. ION…siwezi nunulia msee ako na foundation ya hao hapo Nyayo. Nyinyi ndio mnakunywa wasee huku mkiwacheka.

Do you recall the GHRIS thread a while back? General rule of thumb when accessing gov’t websites (the likes of GHRIS, KRA, HELB, IEBC, KNEC, etc) is to access them on an odd day at some odd hour e.g at 2a.m on a Sunday morning. Try it. It works.

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Mbona msee hawezi unda site ya gava bila kuweka mapicha zinakimbiakimbia na javascript za ujinga.

Tender-preneur, anyone?:slight_smile:

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hai wewe compliance certs are only valid for 6 months

Mine is for 12 months.

okay you are a first. I am in that biz and i have never seen nor issued one.

Sare hizo. Pombe makes us equal