Hi there talkers. I am an aspiring birrionaire ( read struggling peasant). I decided to venture into tenderprenuership and reactivated an account for an ordinary company and started looking for them small time stationery and printing jobs.
Now here lies the problem. I acquired the certificate of registration back in 2006 and went into formal employment. I now want to bid big for tenders problem is that I have never acquired the Kra Pin for my briefcase company. Is there some way I can request for one from KRA and won’t they ask me why I have never acquired the pin certificate for the ten years the company has existed in the briefcase.
Can I forget about it and register another company as an alternative if the process is tedious? Matusi welcome but all the same assistance will go a long way since birrioneas like to roll together

following for a cousin…

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Have you been filling nil return? Without pin ?

Just register a new company


Exactly. Ile fine atapigwo ni out of this world.

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Lies…look for dirty aka corruptible accountant/lawyer…s/he will work magic. Cost less than 5k.

Strugglin peasant all the best in your biz utajijenga

No I haven’t. I like the company name I have registered though.
Remember the company isn’t existing in the KRA records. Also changing its name will lead to clients start doubting my reputation I am trying to build. Do I use the two names, one for the receipts the other for filing nil returns?

@kasaman, come srowly. Expound on your reply.
@aviator, I need some advice as I am still down and growing. I have followed some threads and sorry to say you have a penchant for making talkers feel worthless. Maybe you have made it, let us grow pole pole without someone breathing down on your neck for committing unhealthy mistakes. That’s one of the reasons for quitting my job having an unappreciative boss who was so perfect.

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If you dont have a PIN, KRA has no records of your compant. You need to visit Times Tower ground floor and have your certificate of registration uploaded in KRA’s system to acquire one. Though according to KRA, you started trading that day you registered your Co and each month penalty since registration is 10k. You can give reason for not trading though e.g. you were in school or out of the country etc


What if you have been filing returns for all those years in form of PAYE. Won’t they check the records of my Pin number i. e personal not for company

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Stop behaving like an opinionated mbish. Are you asking for the truth or there’s what you want to hear? It is a fact that monthly penalties are charged for every month you don’t file returns- 10k. That penalty attracts compound interest.

Now, I don’t know how else we can describe your situation, except to wish you endurance. As sure as the sun rises, you are ferked.

Sorry I don’t believe in sugar-coating shit.


I don’t believe am ferked. That’s why I didn’t inbox you for your opinion. Press ignore thread.

PAYE is different from your business entity. Biz obligation is payment of VAT.


exactly wot will a corrupt accountant/lawyer do?? following for the DPP:D

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skiza Guru, PAYE ni ya mshahara si ya kampuni yako. Just register and explain your case but after you should always file your returns ata kama ni nil.

@aviator is my girl


People here are misinformed as shit. Just apply for a pin. You have zero penalties for vat n paye unless you were registered for both which i doubt as you have no pin

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For PAYE I don’t have. I am planning to go there today to the Kra offices. I am not in Nairobi but we have Kra offices here in Narok. I am going to ask from a point of ignorance assuming am not the owner of the business. I will inform you how it will go

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you will wait for your slices man but am pitying your butts. The rupturing you will get my friend…