KRA: Can A Client Burst You?

Guys I dont want to depict myself as a small fish so am charging some VAT on my services when giving invoices to my clients 16%. Am not regd for VAT yet…avoiding coz of threshhold manenos. I also give ETR (bonoko)…

What is the worst that can happen? Can the client ever know the reality?

of course if they claim refunds for your inputs in what they sell. should be before end of the year.

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Ile siku KRA watakupata utajua hujui


Just know a few of your clients use the fake ETR receipts to fill their monthly returns na hapo KRA wanakumulika pole pole tu.
Mind you wakivamia biz wako itakua na for almost 3 months kama wanakuja hapo daily na mwishowe ni fine after they have established how you do your business.
A friend aligongwa 5M this year February.


Shait i think i will do informal biz makaa,car wash ,changaa selling ,nyumba za mabati etc

One of the worst things you can ever do! KRA go hard on tax evaders! Especially VAT hiyo ni pesa yao direct.

Better give goods with delivery note, even if goods don’t attract VAT.

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@Guru kuja usafishe huyu macho na mfuko kwa inbox

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The fake PIN u sell with will sell u out. They will verify the inputs claimed by ur clients and possibly do a formal audit on them. Then next will be ur a$$, u’ll be sent a letter of intention to audit and provide u with a list of the items they want to see physically and that includes ur fake invoices…u can go to jail my friend for forgery and tax evasion and have ur biz auctioned and bank accounts frozen. Cheza poa, do the right thing


as long as you dont invoice them with the correct name of your business and the pin no stated on the bonoko etr is not urs truly

I heard them say soon they will catch up with those that don’t file their returns. imagine ur a registered but u ignore filing returns five yrs later unebarikiwa u want purchase some wheels unajipata huezi tumia pin yako coz it’s blacklisted.Pale ntsa huezi renew license or tranfer vehicle details. that’s when u realize sirkal ina mkono mrefu.for failing to file nil returns u get fined kama 50k

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Its obvious your clients’ auditors will bust you, just pay the tax to the Commissioner of VAT within 7 days of collection, otherwise prepare a fine of 500k for contingency and pray you don’t get a prison term on top of that in the event you are caught.