KQ Profits

Still analysing. But so far what we know is operating profits were at 1.3B. Loss after tax 6.1B. This is for 9months.
Not yet out of the woods for KQ

:D:D:D:D:D Green Emoji is baack

Let us all laugh at KQ

how the previous board is not being sued for saddling the company with debt i dont know.

leta financial report ya Forward Travelers

Kq will recover over time.

Finance costs are killing them. Hizo madeni za project mawingu will haunt them


‘project mawingu’, is it an actual project ama it is a term ume come up nayo?




High cost of fuel -thats understandable
Long electioneering period - that cant be disputed
This is true they couldnt have made a profit in that period of time .

Those are just excuses. In 2008 crude oil was around 135$ a barrel and Kenya had just experienced it’s worst election violence. Yet KQ made a profit of 2.5B. So now they want to blame the elections and oil price of $60 per barrel as the reason for not making profits?

I thought MJ was brought in to work his usual magic?
Or the patient was already in ICU?

Do you have the entire document in pdf.Please share


Thanks.I will ask questions later if any

Patient was two seconds away from the morgue

There’s also the matter of their outstanding labor dispute with their flight engineers which is dragging in court. Now they’ve been forced to take their planes to UAE & China for basic maintenance schedules.

Good analysis and from it I can already tell of somethings which are yet to be delivered to date.Like the 2nd Runway.Under the risks I think nothing was mitigated.

Altogether if you have the recent info,does this still stand “Shareholder Analysis as at 31 Dec 2011” especially the local individual part.Those are the people who were about to bring KQ down onto its knee.