KQ is Playing Russian Roulette

As Kenya Airways continues to have 99 Problems, Aviation Professionals like KALPA and others are coming out to expose and expound on the issues facing the Nation’s Flag Carrier. The Airline launched the Project Mawingu which was supposed to connect the Airline to all 6 Continents within the next 6 years. Ten year’s ago in 2005,KQ went on an ambitious drive ordering B787-8s and 777-300ER(Extended Range) State Of The Art Aircraft in addition to it’s E-190 Regional Jets. KQ’s Management Team should probably have read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s 2007 Book “The Impact Of The Highly Improbable” and his other Best Seller “Fooled By Randomness” to realise that you cannot make future decisions based on current variables.
The Airline’s splashing of over 0.5Billion USD on aircraft expansion would clearly rival Imelda Maco’s shopping frenzy in “The Battle Of The Opulents” To understand KQ’s woes, one would need to go back 10 years ago when the Airline was consistently making Profits. Back then, the CASK(Cost Available Seat Kilometres) was less than the RASK(Revenue Available Seat Kilometres) which enabled it to make consistent Profits due to prudently using the right equipment for the right routes. Fast Forward ten years later and the Tables have turned 1) CASK>RASK (2)The Tickets are more expensive than it’s peers with no direct value in service (3)Using the wrong equipment for the wrong routes (4) An arrogant Management Team that Should read Steve Coveys “7 Habits”
(1) KQ’s CASK(Cost Available Seat Kilometres is now more than it’s RASK(Revenue Available Seat Kilometres) which should automatically tell you LOSS!
(2)If one goes to any Airline Booking Website like Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak or Trip Advisor, the situation is simply “KQ Cannot Compete with the Competition of Sharks”
(3)When KQ uses an Embraer E190 Jet to Fly Nairobi to Kisumu a distance of only 180 NM(Nautical Miles)/340Km, then you know that Management is a Joke. This is an aircraft that can fly ten times that range so the Ticket Prices have to be unusually High so as for the RASK(Revenue Available Seat Kilometres)>CASK(Cost Available Seat Kilometres) Ask Boeing, Airbus and Embraer and they’ll tell you only a Dummy does this in a Developing Nation with over 70% youth.No wonder those ticket Prices are Higher than that Astronaut in the ISS
(4)An Arrogant and Incompetent Management Team that has no regard for the welfare of it’s employees is just as dangerous as the Poachers hunting our White Rhinos into Oblivion. a few years ago, the airline sent home numerous employees without prior notice and wrecked many families apart into the realms of Poverty, the knee-jerk reactions later evolved into targeting the Senior Pilots, some who’ve been Flying at the Airline since the early days of Moi, Ronald Reagan, Fidel Castro and Margaret Thatcher.

The Problem with KQ was never it’s Aircraft, It’s employees or affiliates but it’s Management Team. I can point out numerous errors made in the last 10 years from Jambo Jet to SkyTeam Affiliation and Code Share Agreements that led to this mess but I will save that for another day. The mess is enough to make a City Council Toilet in the Moi Day’s beam with joy.

You seem to know a lot about KQ.

Can you also confirm if the claims in this blog post are factual or not? www.kahawatungu.com/2015/03/21/how-kenya-airways-was-run-down-and-why-the-airline-might-cease-operation-very-soon/

Do tell…

What i know is that KQ employs relatives of managers. I missed a job there just coz i didnt know anyone. A classmate in university who got a pass got the job. I would rejoice if the damn thing goes down.

In all my life i have never and will never fly KQ. Afathari nibebwe na punda.


Wacha machungu misplaced. If you miss a job at Kenya Power, will you disconnect your power and start usi g candles?


I remember in klist @Okiya talked about the airline going down and Crazydyde defended it with zeal. A week later KQ was in the news for what @Okiya talked about


I wouldnt mind if i missed the job on a fair basis. What am against is nepotism. i mean, the first interview was a written test. I can bet my heart that i scored better than my friend who got the job.


They are now firing junior pilots

Because you are a fucking pilot you are not more entiltled for a job from KQ than any other Kenyan. Airlines ni mingi, saw the rant on the paper other day. They should wake up and know they are in Kenya where we are corrupt to the core.

As @Okiya had predicted it was a matter of time. How many corporations that GOK has shares makes profit?

Stoken quote from wazua: KQ makes money for everyone, except its shareholders

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If it goes down, so many people will be out of a job. You’ll rejoice to that? You’ll have a meeting with your Prayer Warriors to give thanks? Juu ulikataliwa job na mtu mmoja?

They are all relatives. Wacha waskie vile niliskia. God has a way of revenging for the powerless. I bet they will be left far worse than they were before being employed there. My friend took a 10m mortgage long before i got a stable income. Hes been paying for the last 8 yrs with 7 more to go. Imagine if he loses his job and he is auctioned!

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alaa? si hi ndio mindset ya wachawi pia

Jeez… you’re totally out of order. Get over it. Most of us missed great opportunities by a whisker and yes, they went to people with Lowers or a pass. And yes, we scored the highest in the aptitudes and aced the orals. But no, we were not hired. But you learn to move and try even harder next time.

And how can you salivate at the prospect of a ‘friend’ defaulting on their mortgage?? You are a baaaaad person!!

Your nasty, juvenile and vindictive attitude is what will prevent your God from looking out for you. Utaenda Ethiopian, Emirates, SAA, Qatar… zote and you’ll get jack. Trust me, he will teach you a lesson. REPENT!!

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which church do you attend where you are taught to laugh at others misfortunes? the only real prayer warriors naona ni @Nananimpa pekee

This is so normal hadi you just have to accept it and move on…grudges achia Muthama…

Naikuni and Kidero are a new breed of managers who feed on a company while putting make up and perfume on it they they walk away with all the accolades and huge pension leaving behind a carcase that will begin to stink a couple of years after they are gone


By the way watu hapa waache kujidai na first class…we know a gd number were peeps who always had mwakenyas others were sexually transmitted especially if you were in UoN…was there I know…and its more of what you do with your knowledge. I know peeps with masters and they are hopeless workers…the rest of your narrative iko on point…

those academic honors mean crap outside the uni. they can help u secure scholarships but mean nothing outside academia. jamaa wa HR all they want to see is the degree cert hio ingine pelekwa lecturer

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FYI, am doing far much better than my friend. I just feel that my God is one of Justice, and this could be His way of getting even with the mofos who laughed at those of us who knew no big fish.

And this reminds me of another lady who is a senior person at KPLC IT dept, bit cant even format a flash disk. She slept her way to the job. KPLC ifirisike pia.