KQ Former Finance Director

Former Kenya Airways (KQ) Finance director Alex Mbugua has won a case against his former employer challenging his ‘irregular’ dismissal.

He is expected to report to work tomorrow.

In his case fighting his dismal, Mr Mbugua accused former Kenya Airways chief executive Mbuvi Ngunze of corruption and backstabbing.

are we to praise or lynch the court

Good one

Until you find yourself in that situation you will definately have an answer

how he got there initially? Not me

hata mimi I will sue Safaricom for not hiring me. I will cite an unfair interview process.

si tumetoka kupraise makufudhi for firing suspected corrupt fellows sasa tuna condem kq for the same. Wakenya hua tunataka nini?

I love such cases, ili iwe funzo kwa HR wanaobeba watu kama malenge.

Kuna ingine ya local bank jamaa alichujwa job 1997 akiwa bado unionisable staff, jamaa sued for damages for wrongfull dismisal. Case was concluded in 2006 huko court of appeal.

The guy was awarded kedo 5 M and salary in arrears za 8 years inclusive of union increments. And immediate reinstatement to work. Lets just say jamaa was paid pesa kama ya sportpesa jackpot.

To add insult to his employer, the guy reported to work on Monday, Tuesday akapeana resignation. Benefits pap!!

That is exactly what the finance director will do. Leo anaingia job as directed by the court.But he knows the new polish CEO and MJ will not want him around. So they will agree on a gentleman’s agreement to part ways. If he was a permanent employee earning Kshs 3m per month with 5 years left to retire, that’s 5x12x3= Kshs 180 million. That’s will be the starting point of negotiations.

Huyu atakula mzuri, hata anaweza enda holiday Maldives au Mauritius.