I humbly come before this village seeking help on dealing with something.

I’ve been a good citizen paying my dues to the motherland, but something is goin on with hawa watu wa power which im yet to understand. This past two weeks i’ve been buying the pre-paid tokens of about 500/=. Now what surprises me is the rate at which zinaisha given i dont use ‘heavy’ machines in the house that consume that much of power…Kwangu naona this is just too much.

Now hii meter every 3 days inaanza hizo milio ya ti ti ti ti… hadi i cant even enjoy the peace and quietness of my house, can’t even invite someone in since that noise spoils everything.

So today here i am, asking for your help,elders. Are there any codes that one can feed hii kitu ili inyamaze hata kama token imebaki ni low sana. Please help.

Hauko solo Bro. Elec costs zimekuwa sasa a pain in the ass.

Check the units bought. Last month I bought 86 units for KES 2000. The same amount got me 126 units this month.

Disconnect speaker,

Experienced the same too. I usually buy batches of 1k. Initially 1k earned me 44 units. This month, I got 60 units nikashtuka. I topped up 500 nikapewa 30 units.

Sielewei ni tariffs au what is happening.

Bypass pale kwa meterbox, then MAKE SURE to be loading ‘kakitu’ weekly usikue flagged kwa systems zao.

Press 812 then enter. It should keep it quiet.

Ni mpangaji, atauliwa na landrod

Peasant detected

Zinanyonywa sana siku hizi

Currently, for domestic users there are two tariffs, domestic(22.7ksh per kwh) and domestic lifeline(15.86ksh per kwh) .

There is a threshhold of monthly consumption that you have to use to use, for you to be upgraded to the domestic tariff.

Just keep your consumption as low as possible and you might be downgraded to the cheaper tariff.

Tafuta solar. Many people have Crossed over to solar energy

Thank you,sasa naweza enjoy the peace of mind.

I guess initially nilikua hii domestic juu the previous 3 months I was charged around 23/- per unit. Saa hii wameni regesha domestic lifeline.

Ok, Naona uliuza fridge.

Nope. Actually added more electronics. At the moment nakaa solo. Since covid came, my younger bro was around. Yeye ndio alikua anamaliza stima na netflix siku mzima. :D:D

Amerudi shule so I guess ile reduction in consumption necessitated the lowering of my tarrif.

Ikianza kulia finya 812 au 312. Tumia stima hadi izime ndio uload token tena. Halafu token apana weka zaidi ya mia tano. You will thank me later

Press any number while it’s beeping and it’ll be quiet.

Also try buying from vendit at 501200

Asande sana omwami… Unaeza kua unajua threshold ya crossing over into the upper tariff ni around gani? I oversee bills na nataka kubutton down ju naona economy is tanking and active measures are necessary

Unfortunately sijui.