Hello fellow welders,

Assist me understand what this tamper code that KPLC is requesting for and where should i get it from. I was welding my gate na stima za kujump over token meter unfortunately lights went off.

Tumia torch ya mulika mwizi

Hapa sisi ni mabirrionaires hapana tambua watu was kuiba thitima Kama wale wa kibr…


Look for a ‘friendly’ KPL guy oil his pockets…you will just need to send him your meter number, then he will send you the than tamper code…

Friendly … hehe

hehe kplc wamekunasa. mtu huwa anafanya hiyo upus na 3 phase alafu ile phase imeingia kwa meter usiguze.

Hefty fine from KPLC (and possible prosection) loading…

kaka hio ni bypass…where are you located


ma men…utalala ndane…

oil my pockets nikuconnect na my drinking buddy

Is your meter on pole or you can access it ?

I guess your meter is on pole?

:confused: I can access it

5800 lazima utalipa.

Ñisaidie iyo no. Ya uyo mtu wa tamper code

I need a tamper code guy,kindly help

Behold, Son of man is about to be delivered into the hands of his enemies!

Go to twitter look for @eddumtunist tubonge kwa DM