KPL teams are poor and players/coaches/officials are reaping from match fixing

it is unfortunate the our local football league is struggling financially. Most of the teams do not have sponsors and they even joke when going for away matches"tutumiwe fare hatutakula."

Now the players are seriously involved in match fixing. International match fixers are offering millions to players to fix matches and it is happening across the league. No wonder only Gor mahia is winning the title because all the other teams are focusing on the “side hustle” because there is no reward for good perfomance.

[SIZE=6]No end in sight as match-fixing menace gains ground in Kenyan football[/SIZE]


Matiangi awasaidie sasa ,si walifukuza sponsors

Politicians noted that the youth are busy with betting to pay them any attention to politics. They knew without youths to misuse, their political ambitions are dead. What did they do, chase sportpesa and the likes away from Kenya. They need the youths undivided attention.

They realised that a youth man akipata 100bob, his first thinking was to bet it rather than trying to do something useful with it. Kila weekend millions of youths would place bets on the mega jackpot and start building castles in the sky on how would spend the millions wakishinda. Youths had become zombies of gambling.

All those Telegram betting platforms that were making a killing are dead now showing the government their policies worked. . Betting imerudi kuwa for fun as it should be, not an avenue of moving you from rags to riches.

The only way to save our football is to remove the EPL matches from all local and foreign betting lists.