KOT is Worse Than Gutter Press

Sometime back, few Kenyans were on Twitter. However, a majority of the Holloi Polloi was on facebook. From my observation, the so called ‘middle-class’ kenyans were basically the guys on twitter and they made it their duty to bash Facebook, which they aptly christined “Mukuru kwa Zukerberg” Of course this was derogatory, meant to equate Facebook to Mukuru slums. Most swore they dont even know what facebook is. On twitter were TT’s on whatever was going down. If i needed to know whats the talking point I only needed to log in to twitter.
FFWD to 2015, twitter in Kenya is worse than the gutter press we know. Case in point is a TT called #freemodernscorps yesterday. This guy was arrested last week on Friday and before anybody bothered to find out what where the charges, everybody was calling for his release, some catigating the GoK and shit like that. Kumbe the guy is a fraud. Today it was about Yumbis, with everybody posting how 22 police officers have been killed. Kila mtu sasa ni #twitactvist.
Afadhali ata hio MKZ.

I spend more time on gplus, ktalk and Reddit than i do on fb and twitter. Way more fun and informative

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hoi polloi

wacha watu wajibambe kwa fakebook na twirter…though i sincerely feel some people should never be allowed anywhere near a keypad…

Is it Hoi polloi or Holloi Polloi

This site is the closest thing to a social media website I am on.

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hashtag battalion, I hate those twitter activists many of them are broke college students.

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epitome of kenyans herd mentality. remember the trending pics of mass graves in Lang’ata, you were not considered cool if you didn’t retweet

Hapo umenena…kwanza hizo ma follow trains zao huniudhi aje…i think im too old for some shit.

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I only do ktalk hiso singine ni upuuuus

Fb has nice groups


Mimi nilikuja hapa kiviangu via fb


True Boniface Mwangi is just a joke

But Atleast Alai has the balls to tell it as it is?

I think Alai will print any rumour as long as he hears it from at least 2 people. He sometimes think he doesnt dig deep enough before exposing stuff. Getting the story out first is what more important to him

…hashtag battalion, I hate those twitter activists many of them are broke college students…with big ambitions of becoming twitter mafia.