Kosewe to be auctioned

What is happening to the Ranalo foods empire?


That Kosewe guy ameona mengi banae


Any man who is controlled by Puthy will grind from grace to grass. this guy had a shoot out with another ninja over puthy.

Yaani wanaume wako na madeni za 330M na mimi loan tu naeza pewa ni Fuliza ya 70bob

Next time ukienda kukojoa,usisimame. squat tu. Ni maisha…

Hotels or restaurants are quite risky investments. Kwanza hii 2020 kuna jamaa having sleepless nights

Government enforced restrictions due to rona has hit hotels and restaurants hard. Recovery itakuwa ngumu kwa wengi especially those who took big loans

Saa si wataua huyo mzee. Where do they expect him to go after all these years?

Hapana chukua loan. Kula sumni, weka sumni. Ishi maisha haina stress.

Kuchukua loan sio vibaya, inflation helps you repay. Savings dont make anyone rich, leverage on other people’s capital does.

@Mangele pls come here one second! I need to hear your views before I post anything.

Kuna wanaume alafu kuna boys kama wewe. Yolo. Risk when u can and early enough to rise if u hit rock bottom.

Rona ndio shida. Hio biashara yake would prolly survive bila Rona

This is very sad… say something …anything soothing.

Peasant problems

He couldnt have built that empire without loans. When a loan results in building equity, you can take one.

It says it was being auctioned starting 2018.

Which empire? Madeni ilianza kuwa empire lini?

Kosewe foods.