Konyagi desperate for power extension

The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau(HNIB) has received EXTREMELY disturbing information on the covert plans on the depth some people within the security organs are willing to sink in PLANNING and EXECUTING violence ahead and during the 2022 elections.

It is a plan that has been written down in a signed letter classified as a TOP SECRET by leadership at The Office of The President and copied to the Police Command for implementation.

Details, tomorrow, Friday July 23rd, 2021 at 11. 08am.

All I can say for now, Please PRAY for Kenya.

Aje sasa? Na unapost tu? Ala!

Akijaribu hio mchezo it will hurt him more than us.

every time i see such statements it reminds me of 2008 and the kind of killings the government were at. http://www.kenyanpundit.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/whistleblowers-signed-statement.pdf

Wewe malaya mzee Kuna siku utafinywa Bollingo utasema yote

Cheza na matiti zako kubwa. Wacha kusumbua raiya.

[SIZE=7]Ohunye is too young to retire[/SIZE]. Kenyan Proverb

Waaah kwani ni nchi gani, reads like gangland thriller. I was in high school in 2007 and l remember Michuki always on TV displaying a few mungiki scalps and serious killings huko Dandora l think. Yenyewe hawa wasapere ni wanyama how do you execute tens of people and still go home to your woman and kids.

It was frightening to read newspapers those days.

Kwanza there was an incidence where the Mungiki set house on fire at night. Started shouting for help. Neighbours came to help. They were chopped dead never to return to their homes. I guess it was around Kaatina or those sides.

war-mongers like @Circledot should be arrested

konyagi ni uhuru???

Waaaah! Hii ni kionjo from Moi’s time and El presidente Kibaki

For real.
I met a survivor of that incident…he survived by taking into a nearby tea plantation.
Apparently the house that was burnt…was set ablaze by the owner who was an undercover mungich informant.
So when he started screaming neighbours were like ala…nyumba ya lonely lover ina ungua…lets go help…not knowing it was an ambush.
Mungich had ties zimefungwa kwa kichwa kama rambo ndio waji distinguish from the villagers.
Hio kidogo hio was a story in a much longer story.
It was horrendous…watu walikatwa katwa indiscriminately.

Aka jayden, mlevi 1, jicho nyanya, loanee, traveller 1,

Link ni kama imeuliwa na security agents that lurk here

Shiiieeeet. Enyewe Kenya is not a country, it’s a criminal enterprise. Isn’t it ironic that quite a few of those Mungiki chiefs were executed in a shamba owned by [REDACTED]? Na Marurui si ni headquarters ya [REDACTED]?

The amount of cold blood murder and other evils the group created was on another level.
That event is still hell scary to me. The vigilante counter attack were also gory and ruthless. Too much blood all over Kikuyus in Kenya

It was a lazy afte with the mboys…and he being from cendro we just asked the guy what the mungiki experience was like.
Guy gave us first hand info…then were looking up the locations via google maps guy showed us his home area…akisema ukiendelea hii direction utapata water pump cattle dip na chiefs office…for sure mnaipata…akisema kuna a fenced compound with 3 red mabati roofs…its there…akituambia tea plantation iko base fulani…boss plantation iko.
For this particular incident villagers had refused to join mungich, pay mungich protection fee and a mungich suspect alifanyiwa team building usiku fulani by local vigilantes.
Sasa after this incident ndio town meeting ilifanywa and it was decided all males 18 to 49 years of age ikifika 730pm ikupate na the rest of the male villagers mahali mlinde kijiji…there was no movement kwa the village after 730 …ukipatwa in the wrong place shauri yako.
After hii incident ndio watu walimarch to nearest a.p camp wakatoa vurugu so a.ps and cops would patroll to support the villagerz manning the road blocks.
Unaona vile juzi cops huko baringo walikuwa wamekataa ku patroll wakisema hawawezi kufa juu ya ngombe za locals…same attitude with the cops who werent patrolling when mungich was running riot…hatutakufa na hao wenyewe ndio wanachinjana.

NV chieth umepewa kiti kweli? Ktalk we are losing our culture. Back the NVs walikuwa wanasukumiwa viti bila mchezo.

the term must be extended we accommodate the BBI plebiscite .