for those who were around in the early nineties, there was a period where a certain phenom was doing the rounds. It was shrouded in mystery, and it eventually fizzled out of the public domain, for all the hushed badmouthing it received. It had the name Mai-Bao (from its Asian/Chinese roots).
It was a round, flattened dough looking matter, that had to be put on a concoction of sugar and tea, and left for a period of 7 days for it to mature and for the liquid to gain is medicinal properties. If you had the original ‘mother’, after the seven days, you’d find another layer (child) growing underneath it. The drink after seven days was a fizzy, tangy (almost vinegarish) to the taste and was touted to be an elixir to so many ailments. This was in 93.
From then on, I have been looking far and wide, researched, asked friends and foe, nothing.
Then I put in my description of it on Pinterest and voila! There it was. KOMBUCHA!
If anyone of y’all villagers have bumped into this ‘creature’…make it known.

Hio kitu niliikunywa Sana in the nineties, and then the usual rumors of its ‘satanic’ affiliations forced my mum to throw it away. That was the last I saw of the magic soda…

3 yrs ago a pal who was back home from the states introduced me to this drink i have enjoyed it ever since…
The bacteria used for fermentation is called scoby…
Kombucha Blueberry Ginger Sweet Oolong Tea | Green Spoon
https://greenspoon.co.ke › product › ko…

one of my neighbors had it. was warned in the strictest terms not to drink it, my mum claimed it was devilish. what was it BTW?

My old man used to drink it when I was a kid, he used to bring some with him whenever he flew out.

hiyo devilish part ilikuwa inatoka wapi? what effects did it have?

Thats some swanky little site…I love it. Internet was made for this! Cheers

Research was limited and the church/state dictated the conversation around any/everything. Hiyo kitu ilikuwa tamu. Then its behavior was spooky and fascinating at the same time.

I have found someone selling the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast )…1000 a pop. I am excited about this. Its been 25 long years…

With youtube at your fingertips, just watch what Kombucha is all about.
It better not become the next Quail though…wouldn’t want it to disappear for another 25years

first time i saw kombucha,the movie Aliens was premiering.To me ,that was the alien’s placenta,couldn’t sleep at night considering bed iko kitchen,kombucha juu ya shelf mimi huyo chini yake naimagine vile nitakipata nikifunga macho alafu hio stuff idecide itoke kwa mkebe.Ilibidi nilie watoe hio kiyu kwa keja.even looking at it now inanipatia ka uoga…child hood memories gone bad:D:D:D:D

whatever you don’t understand was attributed to the dark one by my deeply religious parents

Growing up in the nineties. Age of superstition and funny myths.
My dad brought it home sometimes and we all gave it a wide berth.

Interesting, following

It has been used in Rwanda to make those fuzzy drinks but unfortunately some leaders killed many of those businesses last year claiming they don’t understand the properties and it’s treated as an alcoholic drinks but marketed differently. Many people lost their businesses, jobs and money. (There are some who still operate it)

Good stuff.