Koitalel prophecy Fulfilled, Moi to be president ( KANU to RULE AGAIN)

The late Koitalel arap Samoei prophesy has been fulfilled. A herd of five male elephants on migration from Laikipia to Mau who lost their route and were wandering around Timboroa forest dam, changed route and arrived at Gideon Moi’s home at dawn. For starters, the 1899 PROPHECY OF KOITALEL ARAP SAMOEI revealed that he will send Kormotot (Male Elephants) out of habitat as a sign of protection to his beloved son.

Now the elephants are resting at GMs land!

Coincidentally Gideon Moi behaves like an elephant, he carries himself with an elephant’s wisdom when searching for water (presidency). He pulls power and attention naturally. Infact we has seen WSR band members led by soloists Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen and Senator Millicent Omanga, Mama Miradi. scramble to take a selfie with him. The likes of Hon. Rachel Shebesh and others who ridiculed him during the burial of the late Hon Grace Kipchoim and most Rift valley mps are warming up to him.

Just like Hon Gideon K. Moi, their (Elephants ) word is their bond and law rolled into one.

Never fights or belittle other “animals” like WSR

I Would Rather Vote For Kalembe Ndile or Waititu For President … This very corrupt ivory tower dwellers are out of touch with commoners , You all thought weak UHURU Kenyatta would change kenya didn’t you ?
Gideon Moi lacks a backbone and barely speaks swahili , the people’s language .

As president , this one will be busy expanding his family’s corrupt empire … actually , i won’t vote for a kikuyu or kalenjin come 2022 … sande sana !

[SIZE=6]Corrupt F*cker Gideon Moi (From WIKILEAKS)[/SIZE]
Gideon Moi, son of ex-President Daniel arap Moi and a current (2007) member of the Kenyan parliament.[13]
[SIZE=5]Ownership of businesses[/SIZE]
Client Material indicates ownership of the following:

[li]Giro Bank ‚Held under Asian nominee businessmen[/li][li]Taurino Enterprises[/li][li]As alleged by Msamaha[/li][li]KTN (Owned Standard Newspapers) - (page 19)[/li][li]Siginon Freight ‚ 12.5% - (page 19)[/li][li]Trans-National Bank - (page 19)[/li][li]Kent ship Maritime (page 30)[/li][li]Sielei Properties Ltd (page 30)[/li][li]Giant Holdings Ltd (page 30)[/li][li]Revak Ltd (page 30)[/li][li]Sudbury Ltd (page 30)[/li][li]Sudbury Investments (page 30)[/li][li]Giant Forex Bureau (page 30)[/li][li]Westfield International Ltd (page 30)[/li][li]Chesco Ltd (page 30)[/li][li]Hampstead Enterprises (page 30)[/li][li]Metipso Services Ltd (page 30).[/li][li]Maternity Shop (page 30)[/li][li]Eagle Airlines (page 30)[/li][li]Chemusian Company (page 30)[/li][li]Fresh Produce Ltd (page 30)[/li][li]Siginon Freight ‚ 12.5% (page 30)[/li][li]Cartrack Kenya Ltd (page 30)[/li][li]First American Bank (page 30)[/li][li]Equatorial Bank (page 30)[/li][li]The Sasine Group of farms (page 30)[/li][li]Cable Wireless (page 30)[/li][li]The Duty Free Company (page 31)[/li][li]Eveready Company (H. Young) (page 31)[/li][li]Tobacco Farm in Malawi ‚Äì 100% (page 31)[/li][li]Chester House ‚Äì 50 % (page 31)[/li][li]Safaricom Kenya (together with Biwott, Charles Field Marsham) ‚Äì 40% (page 31)[/li][/ol]
Source Enquiries indicate that Gideon owns the following:

[li]Property ownership‚Owned in Italy and Sultanate of Brunei (page 55)[/li][li]Cut Tobacco Ltd (page 56)[/li][li]Bank Accounts‚ÄîSultanate of Brunei (page 56)[/li][li]Sandhurst Matrix Inc (page 56)[/li][li]Saphire‚Managed by Mr. Sevak (page 56)[/li][li]Garlan Investments‚Director ‚Dr. Clemente (page 56)[/li][/ol]
Preliminary results of global searches conducted under Garian investments and Sandhurst Matrix Inc have not revealed any findings. Further searches are required. (page 56)

In the UK
[li]Allegedly has two properties in London held under a trust set up by Mukesh Gohil (page 31)[/li][li]In South Africa: Owns a number of properties in South Africa. His frontman is Harbinder Singh Sethi, has 74 properties listed under closed corporations all of which are registered in his name. (page 32)[/li][/ol]
[li]United Kingdom: By the year 2002, Gideon’scash in various banks overseas amounted to 550 million sterling pounds (page 32)[/li][li]Grand Cayman (page 32)[/li][li]Luxembourg (page 32-33)[/li][li]Dubai: Allen & Overy holds all of Gideon’s accounts (page 33)[/li][li]South Africa: Has accounts in South Africa and possibly Malawi. Gideon’s frontman is Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 33)[/li][/ol]
[li]Eurobank: Currently under liquidation (page 34)[/li][li]Giro Bank: Allegedly owns Giro Bank under a front of Asian nominees (page 34)[/li][li]Trust Bank: Under Liquidation (page 35)[/li][li]Citibank ‚prime exit point for Gideon’s cash to his off-shore accounts (page 35)[/li][li]ABN AMRO - to move illegally obtained cash emanating from corrupt deals to safe havens in off-shore accounts (page 35)[/li][li]First American Bank: Client material suggests Naushad Merali and ex-president Moi control First American Bank (page 35)[/li][li]SAMUT Trust: All of Gideon’s monies invested in Kenya are held by a trust called SAMUT (page 35-36)[/li][/ol]
Business Associates
[li]Mukesh Gohil (page 37)[/li][li]Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 37)[/li][li]Joshua Orwa Ojode (page 37)[/li][li]Jared Kamgwana (page 37)[/li][li]Dr. Kiplagat (page 37-38)[/li][li]Donald Kipkorir (page 38)[/li][/ol]

@Deez Nuts then you should vote in William Ruto. A vote to handshake team candidate is a vote to Gideon Moi presidency

Sasa leta ya Uncle daktari Arap Kimwarer

hio shamba ya Gideon ni gani?

I said i won’t vote for a kalenjin or kikuyu come 2022 … afadhali nipee kura kina Aukot or Kibwana ! ruto aende kamiti !

issmyrelativ but i voting for Unco Bill

I would take Sonko as president any day, than Gideon Moi.

wakenya mbona mnatapatapa kama kabila za wayahudi jangwani? Ama ni vile mnajua nani hatakuwa president hali hamuoni mwenye atakuwa? You will wander in the desert forty years…