Kogalo doing us proud

The great team from the lakeside is doing a marvelous job at the cecafa tournament. It seems we will start the journey to dar kesho ndivyo tusupport the boys during the finals.
Gor mahia 3[ATTACH=full]10851[/ATTACH] :1 Al khourtoum…game bado 2o mins

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Well done. Gor inaeza chapa Arsenal na Liverpool

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The organization of that tournament sucks. How do two teams which were in the same group meet in the semis? That should only happen in a final.

Kogalo juu

Nyam Nyam

Congrats to Ko’gallo… Olunga is good but he needs to sharpen his finishing atakua mkali sana. Kuna turn alimake in the quatre finals akagonga crossbar would have been a super goal… Niaje combolo

CECAFA region ball bado iko down. The whole region has never sent any team to the world cup.

Wanapenda tu kupura ball kwa hewa but anyway, lets enjoy it. Hata West bromwich wako na mafans

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