Koffi Olomide ft. Cindy le Cœur - Ikea

Koffi is king and Cindy’s voice…wacha tu.

Haitaki haraka. Mos mos.

@rexxsimba lete translation pris. I love Cindy’s voice.

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That Bimbo can’t sing to save her life …
She has just been very good at putting up with Koffi’s mysogynistic behavior …
Koffi is a toxic abuser of all his female singers and dancers

Marie Jose ( Meje30 ) is a gifted Singer / Dancer who left after a very short stint with him and was offered a partnership by “Mamou National” Tshala Muana (RIP)


Marie Jose ( Meje30 ) at the Live Kampala Concert
( … if you missed it , you missed out on a lot …!! :two_hearts: :fire: :rofl: :joy: )


Okay …
Hapo … :blush:

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Safsana daktari

Aliacha wife akachukua huyu. I love Koffi Olimide’s older songs more. Kwanza those videos that were recorded at safari park were good


Older songs zilikuwa Kali sana.


Koffi was only good when he did songs like Andrada, Papa Plus, Papa Bonheur, Ultimatum etc. These days he just does music for quick money


Before he bleached and became fat.

From the days when Koffi could actually sing
Live at Safari Park Hotel , Nairobi…
( … Dr. Rexx was there for the Live show …)

Song: “Mbirime
Composed by : Atalaku Dolce Parabolic Somono and Baron Manoka.

Vocals: Koffi Olomide , Suzuki Luzubu 4x4 , Sam Ilo Tshintu , Modogo Abarambwa , Geco Burro Mpella.
Atalaku / Animators : Dolce Parabolic Somono and Mboshi Mbola Lipasa.
Guitars: Lebou Kabuya (RIP) , Felly Tyson Mumba , Beniko Popolipo “Zero Faute” , Do Akongo and Binda Bass “Mwana Mundele”.
Drums: Djicapella Champion Esthetique.
Percussion: Nseka Kudiféléla Passé-Kossé.
Dancers : “Maman Ministre” Fifi Miss Yolo , Zinah Bilaho , Nono Diamante , Mireille Konde Kashama (RIP)



Hapo sawa Doktari

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The album he released in 1997 ilikuwa safsana

Ile song “ssseeeeeeengah” comes to mind.When i bought my first LG home theatre with bluetooth tall boy dolby surround speakers ma neighbours pale mtwapa wali tii.

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The “ULTIMATUM”, “LOI” and “MONDE ARABE” Albums were probably some of his best works …

And it was all down to the fantastic lineup of Singers , Dancers and Musicians …

Sadly , working with Koffi is often very difficult …
He is a pompus , vain , dictatorial and insecure fellow who does not like competition …
He is also a serial abuser of his female employees … :blush:

Here a presentation Clip of his hot Lady Dancers
Miss Shegue Miette , “Maman Ministre” Fifi Miss Yolo , Mireille Kashama Konde (RIP) and Zinah Bilaho.


Koffi is a genius.

Hii tulinyonga nayo Kwa mda mrefu sana.

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If he was , he would have quit while he was ahead like the late Verkys Kiamanguana Wazolambongo Mateta(RIP) and become a Music Moghul , grooming and promoting new young talent …

images (14)_9

Now , he is a washed up and aged shadow of his former glory struggling at Concerts with the equally washed up Cindy Le Couer …


Hii niliskia kitambo sana 1996/7 hapo

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He was at his prime.

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My big bro alikuwa na tape ya hizo ngoma zake…Kuna ngoma I associate them with matanga. Soukous zingine hapo

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