Kodi vs Stremio

Many people are moving away from Kodi to other easy streaming apps like Stremio, Tea Tv, MoviesHD, HDO and many others. But there is something that all these apps lack when it comes to playback. Kodi is a very strong app with lots of customization.

For me I try to play around with Stremio and Kodi because these two have capabilities of customizations. The other apps are automated to scrape information directly from IMDB or TMDB so they are all similar to every users.

My setup in Kodi:

  1. Bingie Titan skin
  2. Elementum addon with elementum burst (uses torrent streams)
  3. Fmovies addon (uses http streams from website)
  4. Orion addon (torrent streams)

With the above setup I can get upto 4K streams with sorround sounds. I dont have to worry about audio codec since Kodi has the capability of transcoding audio supported by your system.

My Stremio setup

  1. Trakt addon (metadata provider)
  2. The Movie Database (metadata provider)
  3. Streaming catalog (metadata provider)
  4. Torrentio (torrent streams)
  5. Orion (torrent streams)
  6. Superflix (http streams)
  7. Gdrive (http streams)

With the above setup I can easily get up to 4K streams at ease with sorround sound. The major downside is that Stremio does not support audio transcoding so I sometimes use Kodi as an external player.
Another downside is that Stremio lacks the wide range movie and series customization that you can get on Kodi.
Also Stremio addons are hosted on servers so they tend to go offline sometimes which can leave users hanging for hours or days .

Stremio beats Kodi with the ability of playing up next video as it has a dedicated up next button on its player, It also has continue watching by default and also you can create an account and get the same information and data on a different device.

With the above setup I feel Stremio is much better but I believe Kodi has better addon which I have yet to explore. If you know any Kodi addon with http streaming capabilities please share on comment. Halafu nisiskie story ya RD cause its expensive for us folks living in Kenya.

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Black Lightning and Bolt, for live TV

Halcyon for movies and series.

They are all on Cman’s Wizard Repository so it will be easier to install.

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I have checked it out. Its nice but only lacking info scrapper.

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RD is 600/-. Thats not expensive

It is expensive considering Netflix is only 300bob per month

Unalipia RD aje? They declined my mpesa global card

Stremio Iko na porno?