Knife Crime Capital: A Week In Cape Town's ER

Reggie Yates spends a week at a Cape Town hospital where, on any given weekend, the doctors deal with up to 100 stabbings and assaults, with 80 per cent of those admitted under 25.

On it man . Thanks

Something funny mzito ni ati at night you could hear music of people dancing and having a merry night. Few hours later after the music stops bodies start arriving at the hospital . It’s humorous at the same time sad .bonobos can’t be salvaged

:D:D:D when partying starts bonobos are sober and can reason a little by the point its over they have burned the little braincells they had through hard drinking.

Man sometimes I thank God that in Kenya we are alittle bit fortunate we don’t have too much of this crimes.

I’m very fortunate to have lived a good life courtsey of my musakhulu . I wouldn’t imagine living in such places

You grew up in the village na hapa unajaribu kujifanya wewe ni jogoo la jiji?

Nairobi si uliingia tu juzi?

SA ni kunoma bana. Sio Ukimwi sio wizi.