KNEC extends KCPE, KCSE registration deadline

The clowns from Nairobi Aviation college who manage the KNEC website have been forced to extend the deadline as the site has been down for a week. This is a reprive to thousands of candidates who would have been locked out due to their ineptitude.
If they ask we can give them our own Avicii who can run it better by himself.

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Uga muru wa maitu no uramekirira hotpot?

Sijawahi ona any efficient kenyan website. Hata kra every year huko july when people submit their returns site huwa haifanyi vipoa eti traffic iko mob same to HELB, KNEC wakati wa results. Every year the story repeats itselfits lime no one cares to upgrade ama tries to make it better.

government inefficiency

if a government website cant handle a few million visitors then its a stupid system. Even bloggers are able to scale beyong that. Never mind the contractors who develop government systems are paid tens of millions for one website only to deliver juvenile stuff by a learner developer.

I would like to confidently disagree with you on the government paying millions of shillings to contractors. Those websites you see are almost all built by interns who get promised some money if they do the job well by the ict officers there. Of course the money never comes by the time the internship comes to an end.

During my internship period I had a close friend of mine intern at a ministry, so one day he takes a cpu from an unused desktop, I.e. a core 2 duo processor. For those of you who know what an inside of a computer looks like you know that its a very small thing.

So anyway, my friend sells the cpu over lunch time and makes some money. He goes back to the office and to his horror he finds two ict officers, including the ict manager at the ministry have opened up the computer to try and identify what the problem is. And thus goes the conversation that he overhears:-
Ict guy 1 : kwani processor inakuanga ndogo hivi?
Ict guy 2 : yes ni kakitu kadogo sana (pointing at the place where the cpu is placed cause it looks similar to the actual cpu layout at the bottom)

What these two men did not realise was that it was not actually the cpu itself.

Smh two ict officers who do not even know what a cpu is…and you expect them to do something owesome? ??

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A government database intended for public use through a web interface can never be made by an intern bro. I know one thing or two about large web applications. they arent a joke. Even comming up with a failing one is heavy work requiring skill and lots of it. Coming up with a good one requires very skilled people. At least two to three master developers to design, code, test, security, database, admin, interface with old systems there, etc. ideally, you need many skilled people. That isnt a blog and it is nThe guy says he was contracted by government to build one with his crew and was paid around 8m. It was his first major job and that was some 10 years or so back. That was cheap for that kind of work.

Any IT/CS/ENG. student can diassemble computers through a little practice or no practice at all. just google manuals and there is the recomended manufacturers deassembly procedure for most models.

Am talking of a website…hizi zinakuanga hacked ever day.

Large databases are beyond a governenment ICT officers payscale. So thats a different story

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hahaha…lakini enyewe some of the websites are amateurish sitazitetea. Ni za haibu regardless of whoever does them for government.