Klopp Comes out of Kloset ( pictures)


such gay jokes should be read at the comfort of your blanket as you fap to sleep.

I agree with you Ken.

[ATTACH=full]223932[/ATTACH] @digi unakuaga kalulu saa zingine

Liverpool have started bottling. This are just regular poonders. How can you lose such an advantage? Sasa kichapo kinakuja.

ni kawaida yao 2nd leg wanapenda kulegeza. At some point I thought Hotspur ndio wanaeza beba trophy but pia wakaleta jokes. I said it on another thread Ata wakicheza wanaeza maliza number 6

Your profile picture has always confuses me. I have to keep reminding myself that no lady calls herself Duke.

we dont want gay jokes hapa but Klopp ameniangusha sanaa

why are you gay?