klist memories...

this was one of the many comments tht made me burst out with laughter…kijiji was a special place[ATTACH=full]9040[/ATTACH]


Ha ha ha ha :smiley: :D…

very special indeed… miss my babe @Supu don

Klist kulikua na matusi kushinda ktalk. Hungepost anything ukose matusi. Hio kijiji ilikua level yake. Hahah. Kuna mtu alinitusi mbaya sana huko, 6yrs down the line sijawahi sahau hio maneno nilipewa.


i miss klist, what really happened to it?

Everytime i see anything from KList i can`t help but think about Mr. Wanderi.
Rest in peace Sir. And we salute you for creating this space where we met like-minded people and where we gather in sorrow,laughter and every emotion in-between.
Your Legacy lives on.


same here i really feel fr him, my opera still has klist on speed dial naonanga tu ikirudi even tho haiwezekani,

btw i have a saved convo of u n @Msupa mkiletana juu about men who raise other men kids


weka hapa tafathali. I never saved anything from KList ata Logo so it would be really nice of you.

Now this is a TBT!
Was this the post that a lister asked where he could eat cheap lunch…ya approx 150 bob? Cz i remember some recommendations abt a cafe around or thereabout imenti hse na sikuwai shika ilikuwa exactly wapi! I wud have benefitted from that info!

Klist had watu wa matusi classic…before you got used to that kijiji it took some skin accumulation!

nice one

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That place around Imenti twas Dominion use opp Imenti 3rd floor

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simu imeleta kichwa ntaeka kesho

Klist was special.

Matusi was so normal, I remember matusi Kiboko yao reloaded received by the bucket load for lying to listers ati ameendesha a 15-gear range rover, epic.

too bad i joined klist late on …

My funniest moment ni Ule jama alipatikana na dame wake akina wank. Ati “nani unachonga miwa na mimi niko hapa?”


Don’t worry, you are at home.

I remember my first post, and the first reply was " ile game ya man-u ya 4:30 iko saa ngapi???" all the replies followed the same route out of context, nonsense, and upuzi, hapo nilikunja mkia nikakuwa reader only. the only positive response from this guy who wrote “welcome, the klist way” klist was something…


You never realize how much space something occupies until it is gone. In tribute, one Wanjohi aptly eulogized the late gentleman as the founder of Kenyan facebook - a summation I have found challenging to refine.


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