klist down

is it me or has klist been down for the past day? iko wanakijiji hapa?

Ave been tryin in vain. ADMIN plz let us know…LISTERS let get another serious LISTER forum… any leads

Hehe, listers wameanza kupata withdrawal symptoms, admin wa klist amechoka.

Klist will soon come back msijali…

Seriously, whats going on.Somebody give us some information.

Kijiji hairudi ng’o!!

At least listers ought to know what to have happened. Over to Wanderi.

Even an email would be enough.

So klist is down,

Iko wapi xxx ama sexuality section

@Deorro http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?forums/vip/

Asanta sana admin sam. Wacha niende nisafishe macho na vaseline kwa mkono

mayatima wa klist kumbe mko huku, its not business as usual without the village

Look who crawled out of the woodwork :smiley:

it has been a hard time without the village, but thank God now i can get someone to call monkey:cool:

Hehehehe coomernina nyamazeni

^^^@Uwesmakende; Si nilikwambia utulize Boli. Sasa wewe ni Mod.
By the way direct the other niggers this way especially kabuda, karl max, supu, jakenya, msuper, cotedivoire, juguma diani, mathice, wamum goldy, na Mboi kamiti

uwes sasa utakuwa aje chair wa DF na mod at the same time? ama wewe ni mod wa xxx section??

hahaha wapi kennedy wa team mafisi… momo edition irudishwe…

Dry fry zote zinawekwa huku http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?forums/vip/