Klay Thompson bites the dust


Career over. Sasa itakuwa kuuzwa uzwa ovyo ovyo while playing a handful of games every season, maybe being a super sub like Cousins or Dwight Howard. At least he locked in a $190m max deal before the rain started beating

Golden State made a gamble by giving him a massive contract after his acl tear. Now he gets two years of free money :D:D. The media hyped comeback for golden state will have to wait now.

Tough luck.
Would’ve been hella season this one

He has won it all…He has nothing to prove,easily gets into top 50 greatest NBA players of all time even if he retires at this point

Sad for Klay. Would gave made western conference quite interesting.

That list was filled and closed in 1996.

West only Denver will give the Lakers problems, East bucks have added some great pieces nets will have chemistry issues, if Giannis steps up his play atakutana na Lakers finals lakini Anthony Davis will destroy them properly