Kivulini vs leather industries of Kenya

Kivulini is in Thika Thika and just opposite this leather processing factory. The kafactory emits some skunk smelling shit all day everyday. As a result, this estate that was completed some years back remains a ghost town. They have advertised, done offers yet no one is buying. Every time i pass there (like today) i pity the investor. And I keep saying to myself, since he seems moneyed enough, why doesn’t he buy off the factory and bomb it to hell?
And that brings me to the question, is one of you ktalk mbirrionares the fucked up investor?
Thank you very much.

Kivulini ni ya Ka-bufallo :.akitaka kuipeana anaeza na hataumia hataa financially

Thika is our supposed industrial town, so as an investor its wise to check with town council where to build housing estate, just my take!!

who is kabuffallo???


that industry has been there for decades, no?

Yeah the factory was there before the apartments

basi hio ni shida ya the developer. serves them right anyway, aende aishi huko yeye mwenyewe

the area around athi river also has the same foul smell from KMC factory. Residents have tried to argue themselves out in court but KMC wins since KMC was there 1st and the area is zoned industrial.

I would like to read any environmental report on thika town (if there is any) coz i believe it is ferked up. Kevian industries also releases effluent every jioni onto the drainage next to them.

Na Kel Chemical bado ina operate.

I can buy property there and just let it be. The leather factory can collapse one day.

50 years later bado itakuwa strong

With this kind of reasoning you wonder why you are still a peasant. Don’t bother replying you aint

Io hewa ya hapo ndani inawasha mapuA