Kiti iende chain chain

57 years, that’s how long the two tribes have ruled this country. It’s time for others.

:smiley: and u think the sap’s will hand it over to another tribe:D:D:D

With a government made up of several tribes and people of all walks of life. Are we still clutching on to the notion that mtu wetu as president will change Kenya?

We need to be focusing more on people who are competent and have leadership qualities to help steer the boat.

Hehehe nothing like tribe, hapa ngoja ndrama na makasiriko come 2022

do you think a normal kikuyu knows even where the statehouse is?

There are five stages of grief (Pre-election grief)

  1. DENIAL: Ooh Ruto will never be president, Ooh Deep State cannot allow Ruto to be president, ooh Ruto will go back to ICC etc

  2. ANGER: Ooh we cannot be ruled by two tribes, ooh Ruto will jail his supporters (Atwoli) Ooh power should be rotated to other tribes.



  5. ACCEPTANCE : 2022

Guys don’t gerrit. Or rather they don’t want to. They spread the lies that Kyuks don’t want to share power because we kind of benefit. Oh no we don’t gain anything. V few of us eat the cream.

Then why dont you want to share power?

who does not want to share power?

Dude, you know our political views are like chalk and cheese. Please sina time ya musical chairs na wewe leo. I find your arguments tiresome.

You mean ordinary Kukuyus,otherwise all normal Kikuyus know the locations of various statehouses in Kenya

How can you share that which you lack?

Power in Kenya has been decided by an elite few since ‘independence’

Kikuyus and Kalenjins are a huge number that is why it is convinient for the powers that be to select between the two, it creates a semblance of democracy.

Dynasties exist for this very reason, they are groomed to take over existing positions by their handlers.
This positions are convinient for both the establishment and their cronies.

WSR has worked with both 1st families and he understood that he is only a spanner boy, the driver is comfortably awaiting an appointment ceremony.

Get this through your skull, in any society exists three classes and the ruling class will wage war on the ruled on a daily basis.

It has always been so, it’s the only way to keep society intact.

I know all that. But how do you explain skewed development. They are people in this country who have no schools no roads no nothing while others have the best resources in Africa.
And the worst part about it is the people who have more will never stand up for the ones who have less. they will instead diss them and call them names

It has little to do with politics, kiambu is rich because is close to city and all kenyans would like to invest there. Central region and riftvalley regions have a cool climate that even the white man admired and invested there. Same to mombasa because of port and beach. The population in these area became more dense and hence politicians/leaders have to win their hearts to get votes.

Kajiado is also close to the city and it is one of the most marginalised counties in the country because it is dominated by a minority tribe

All of it! You’re a quick study, like I said the semblance of democracy must be in place.

Having those two tribe representatives did not dissuade them from carrying out their own form of favoritism, look at the National Police and the Kalenjin for example.

There’s a myriad of reasons why development isn’t at par with the rest of the country, but the main reason has always been self interest. A politician main concern is election and re-election, whatever the populace wants is far behind.

Since devolution the public has been growing unforgiving towards incompetent politicians, and areas with plenty of development are quite demanding.

After the dynamics change from dynasties vs hustlers I pray it morphs into competent vs rubbish, after all the end game is a robust economy… One achieved by Mzee Kibaki.

Unless you are a troll how is it that you do not see that tribe is a useful tool, and once the politician gets what they want they discard the tribe until when it’s close to elections again.

Tribal politics seem to be on their death bed, perhaps tribalism will slowly dissipate since it is created by lack of resources and propaganda that the ‘ruling tribes’ are responsible for their woes.

So long as the winner is the one with the numbers get the presidency, we shall get an El Molo when pigs fly.

If by chance, Rao gets the seat, we shall now hear, “oh, only the large tribes get the top seat. We need a president from the minority.”

How many Kales are are in the armed forces? Out out the total Saps, what percentage are in the civil service? Are these the best paying careers in the country?

Personally, I would never thirst for a president to come from my community. There’s no real benefit but but hatred for the perceived advantage.


My problem is people saying tribalism has no benefits while they have benefited. It does not matter if they benefited because the politician was trying to achieve his selfish interests they still benefited. Tribalism is a tool used by the politicians but the only reason why it has been effective is because some people gain from it.
Areas with plenty of development are demanding to vote for the useless deputy president because all they care about is to stop another useless leader from getting in power because they are afraid the leader will marginalise them like they have been doing in the previous years