Kitenge shirt ni territory marker

Coming to think of it, I have observed, even in my close circle of friends that women who feel insecure about their men are the ones most likely to dress him up in a kitenge shirt. Its territory marking and all women do it deliberately. I can’t picture myself in a kitenge shirt, it speaks of a feminine aspect. if you see a man in a kitenge shirt, there is a woman in a matching dress somewhere. I think mwanaume akiwa na shirt ya kitenge hata ajaribu kupigia dame mbija, dame anaangalia upande mwingine kimadharao tu, anaona a simp of a man. Boychild needs to remain masculine.

Matching vitenge always end up in premium tears…

Africa attire isn’t masculine but western attire brought by the same people that raped your forefathers and grandmothers and introduced homosexuality is masculine to you? :D:D

Ktalk kuna shida hahaha

Kijana, you’ve got it all wrong… nothing evokes more liberty and masculinity and radicalism than a kitenge shirt or African wear… Especially when won to formal functions… Go check your history…

Women love the elusive thing… You should know how married men are under siege huku nje from kungurus…

Kwanza the ultimate territory marker is the wedding ring, yet hiyo ring huvutia kunguru kuruka…


Kwanza the ultimate territory marker is the wedding ring, yet hiyo ring huvutia kunguru kuruka…[/QUOTE]

It’s no secret that the vast majority of kunguru’s client are married men. That’s why kunguru’s flock to that ring. Coz apart from paying for their services, the married man is more likely to pay hush money than the singleton.

when l was single getting laid was a big hard deal to come by. first forward to now l have awife lam learning how to say no gently.if you re too harsh girls feel degraded and end up slandering ua my boy marching kitenge only makes a target more prone and conspacious women thinks in reverse,men wants virgins women wants Aman with experience ahistory of wildness,:smtng proven

Hizi shoga za mgtow zimezidi

piga punyeto bila kusumbua kijiji na machungu ya kukosa kuma.


Mimi siezi vaa kitenge… afadhali ata nivae ngozi ya chui na fly whisk ya mkia ya ngombe when attending an event

@Wanaruona huvaa kitenge ya Maasai market na hasumbui. Na chini anavaa safari boot otherwise known as sahara.


Akashamaliza ngwaci zake na aweke tooth pick kwa meno na aingie Murang’a town… everything comes to a standstill.

You should see @uwesmake with his wife @Agwambo in matching oversized vitenges on Sundays wakienda Kamakis kukula nyama .Always a hilarious sight

Why so much hate for the boots?

Marissa the brainwashed bonobo

I cannot do a kitenge…thing is for african women.

kiatu unavaa 3 years straight alafu wanabadilisha sole na kuosha na boiled wattle tree bark inarudi back to factory default?
heshimu safariboot bwana Trump Okello

Watu wa reggae nawaona sana. Watu wa monte carlo na nyanza house. Sahara na muguka. :smiley:

In Muranga where @Wanaruona hails from sole hubadilishwa hivi…


munawekaje sole ya converse kwa “the boots that say you know Africa”?
watu waaache jokes banae

i was a diehard fan of this shoe, a tradition i copied from grandpa, but i stopped wearing it 16 years ago, when the standards went down. it was a real shoe in the early years with the proper tough sole with just a rough surface, not even those geometrical patterns. The sole that would grip even on rock climbing. . the sole was the first to be downgraded, and the later i thing Kenya began exporting grade 1 leather and using second grade to make this shoe.