You are the captain of a ship carrying 45m passengers. Some pirates have attacked the ship. You decide to rush to the nearest port before they reach you. Unfortunately, straight ahead is an iceberg which will definitely sink the ship and rewrite the Titanic story. The only option is to stop the ship, which gives the pirates enough time to reach you.

What would you do? Accelerate the ship to the iceberg ( and sink, drown, drown the pasengers and drown the pirates as well) or stop the ship and negotiate with the pirates?

Sometimes, ukichengwa tulia.

True. Ukichengwa tulia. But are you the pirate or the captain…

Either way, the consensus between the pirate and the captain would be to stop the ship. If the captain is wise.

But me and you are mere passengers.


I would jst phone Captain Jack Sparrow. hakosangi ujanja