Kisumu youths attack IEBC training, injuries reported

On ntv ,Babuon worshippers led by mca attack iebc training session in awasi, chanting no reforms no erections, rescued by police ,training relocated


Training of IEBC officers who are to conduct October 26 poll suspended indefinitely in Bondo Constituency following attack by rowdy youth.

We are setting a bad precedent and people will die.

this was bound to happen,…expect officials esp local clericals to pull out for fear of victimization,…tough days to come for iebc officials in Luo Counties,i pity them.

Where are the very few remaining opposition supporters here to justify this savage attack?

RAT isn’t even campaigning, he has gone full circle and can’t hide his true self anymore. Blood lust for power. Violent street thuggery and attacks on anyone who opposes him whether true or not. If he get more than 30% votes, it will be a shocker.


Is this criminal enough to go after the MCA and protesters? Or NASA will claim this is also part of peaceful demos? And honestly, can’t the people of Nyanza think for themselves? Why cause so much strife in their own territory then blame the government for lack of development?

and it begins! The next two weeks will be interesting!

we are a special lot we can do as we want and when we want. The law does not apply to us but we conviniently throw it to those we are against us.

NASA demostrations and pettiness coordinator.

Prof. Mukuna EKG,MRI,PMPO,1080p

Hawa watu should just be allowed to secede, this shit won’t end with Raila, someone else will just take his place and do the same things.

inaitwa odingaism, the worship of an old blood thirsty lord of poverty

the election must take place whether Raila and his 6 million followers like it or not, IEBC know canceling the election will give those who Stand to lose the most if elections are done a template to follow in the future and that will be a terrible precedent.

A sovereign nation cannot allow the will of the people be subverted using violence, if we give in anyone with some 100 followers will follow the same script, the next few days will be bloody, ndio watu watajua only the state has the monopoly of force.

We are too decent a society to countenance blood.

This statement is getting old. Watajua hawajui. Did G.o.K foresee this. Why didn’t they act in advance. NASA has scored big on this one.

hizi tantrums zote nazo sasa za nini

Gava ilijua but elections are the purview of IEBC only, GOK cannot force security teams on them they must ask for it. After this incident I expect they will ask the police to provide security for them ie if they choose to go ahead with the election as I expect they will, the next few days will be instructive

Power of foreskin

I doubt there is anything interesting about bloodshed

Ata kwa madvd kuna mwalimu alienda training ya iebc kurudi her house had been torched