Kisumu ravaged by C-19

Covid-19 is very much treatable.

Let me hope Corona will not settle there as HIV did. There might be a relation between those two viruses + too much protein from fish.

Bulk of donor HIV funding imeenda huko, people gat dollar jobs and built lakeside mansions. sasa naona NGOs za kovid zikikita mizizi huko.

And preventable

Hope things will be well soon

Border impact(Rwanda + Uganda numbers are skyrocketing)

Tell us how?

Fish? Really? There’s a correlation between immunodeficiency and susceptibility to covid. Ignorance of covid protocol too may be a reason for the high numbers.

Actually, it’s a culmination of a number of events in the recent year. The most important of course being

[li] various rallies by careless political leaders. [/li][li]The current impasse between kemsa and usaid, which has delayed hiv shipments and other related drugs like TB and and many others needed to deal with HIV[/li][li]An abnormally high hiv infection rate in the lakeside counties due to sex for fish trade and wife inheritance practices [/li][li]The rainy season, which creates ideal conditions for people to hurdle together and also makes it easy to spread viruses [/li][li]lack of a serious outreach program [/li][li]Closeness to an international border with regions like Tanzania, which made fun of control measures[/li][li]General spirit of opposing everything by the state due to ingrained tradition of doing so (ukichwa ngumu that includes fighting police)[/li][li]etc[/li][li]etc[/li][/ul]

Hiyo analysis joh… iko on point

It was on a light note Agwas.

But Agwas hajaongea surely. Mi hata sina radar what’s going on. I think @Uwesmakei ame hack account yangu aki angalia inbox akitafta watu wa kuomba mkia. Kindly check inbox yako asikue amekutumia message ya upuss.