Kisumu hotel Saga continues

Six young men already arrested for attacking a women meeting, the hotel CCTV cameras were used to identify the perpetrators, the rest of the suspects are in hiding, the police couldn’t find them in their usual residence.
The six are to be charged with robbery with violence since they robbed the women valuables, whilst beating them up.

Hii ujinga ya mob iishe.
Safi kama @pamba

Cctv cams should be made compulsory in all establishments, na zIwe clear kaa ile ilinasa warogi bonoko wa Mombasa

Robbery with violence yawa!

:::.catchy beat here.::: Nyongwa! Nyongwa! Nyongwa!

Ndio ikuwe funzo kwa wengine. You wouldn’t see babuon here to help them. How do you attack women?

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Warushwe Kamiti section 254 @Atwoli na battalion wachangamke

Hio ni musuli sana.

It is wrong to attack peaceful unarmed Kenyans, attacking innocent women is even worse and that should not go unpunished. Warushwe kamiti wamenyane na wanaume wenzao.

This is an era where peasants, are gonna face the hangman on an industrial scale. While our corrupt walk free.
Advice your relatives, that crime in Kenya, is a vice for the rich.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!!! Those cowards deserve everything that is coming to them and more. BURE KABISA!!!

That is good news. Police should mount cameras on their vehicles too especially during protests. With valuable footage, they can easily pick out who was robbing passersby, stoning cars and looting shops.

It is Tuesday. Let’s wait and see…Nairobi has a lot of CCTV and we are heading to demo because Baba wants IEBC out. We shall not loot and destroy property. Tibim!

Ukiuliza Nyong’o, itwuzzn’tme!

Kila mtu abebe msalaba wake

Kuna mbisha niliona ya jamaa mmoja akijaribu kushika mwanamke ikuus na si ipati. Huyo jamaa anafaa kushtakiwo na robbery with violence, sexual assault, attempted rape and generally being fogothary

Kodiaga? Wako na kamiti yao huko Osumo

Shimo la Tewa ndio poa. Wafunguliwo hio shimo lao la tibim ,tialalalala wakae kama watoto wa doggie

It has only one sentence in Kenya,kunyongwa.Narudia w

Sasa afande, iko kiuliso hapa. Akifungwa 25 years for sexual assault na GBV then kunyongwa for robbery with violence, atanyongwa aftwr 25 years?