Kissi Ne Mwaki Mwaki!!

Leo ni furahiday… End month nawaomba tafasari pitieni hapo Koinange mkule porko!!

Translation…Kiss is fire fire!!


unatuma ma-bro mwea?

Anataka biacara inoge,yeye ni wholesaler so bila vijana kununua atakuwa bila any

@Female Perspective you owe these wankers a round of free call girls. You’ve been working them up for too long around here :D:D:D:D:D Their poor balls must be PURPLE by now!

Go pay for like 30 girls to “serve” whoever comes. The catch? These guys have to pass through a test where they’re given a laptop to log in with their Ktalk usernames/password. NO FREEBIES FOR NON-MEMBERS!

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Hold it right there woman,Dont lump all of us in one shopping basket.

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@madova You’ll thank me after 2 minutes with one of those girls :D:D:D

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Hehehe. I ain’t losing it this way. Not with an escalator that carries all niccurs.

If you are one of those girls I’ll be there ASAP.:stuck_out_tongue:

2mins,ain’t one minute man,special category whole nine yards.

Serikali saidia. Iko mbaya zaidi :stuck_out_tongue:

At one time or another you will dip your pen(is) in company ink. Maybe wife/girlfriend ametoka kugawa…

That would be nasty. She would have to use a suction pump to clean herself. hehe.

lol you so Drake …

Hata kama, Koinange siwes enda … nasiendi ng’oo hata ka niyabure. Akanyal