[ATTACH=full]102489[/ATTACH] Second year female student was brutally murdered by her BODA operator lover who was to join the university. The man committed suicide and left this note to his family

mapenzi moto moto hatari

This story really broke my heart! Young girl using a bodaboda (read moneyed men) as a come up!! Please stick to dating classmates

Hehehe…kisii… The teen prostitution in That small town is overwhelming…

Religious fanaticism??

allow me to fix it, plz

Kijana weka link vizuri unatusumbua mecho,KETI[ATTACH=full]102490[/ATTACH]

Theres a danger when loving somebody too much

Losing life because of one pussy there are millions out here, hii ujinga wanaume achana nayo

Natural selection right there

@gashwin would have marked that note.

Eti aliacha evidence ya barua. But that’s sad. Dying because of an emotion, asii!

Love csn make you do crazy shit

leta hekaya

Speaking of dying coz of emotions, HAS ANYONE SEEN @Davidee ??:eek::eek::eek:

Maybe he changed his handle. Crying can be traumatic.


he morphed into @trix

Ama @Miss Finest Wine

or maybe

@Davidee = @Phenomenal Woman ??:eek:

stranger things have happened