Kisii ladies evolving

I don’t know if am alone or everyone is seeing. Our kisii ladies have evolved to be one of the most beautiful women in kenya, they are getting shapely, brown to yellow and dress well. A few years back if you went to south B you would find them very ugly, shapeless and dirty. What’s the reason for this evolution? I will shortly upload evidence to demonstrate my argument.

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Unasema Vera thindika

The terms Ugly and Shapeless are personal opinions and observations …
Being dirty is a personal choice since soap and water are readily available everywhere…

The Kisii Ladies that I interact with are on point…:fire::revolving_hearts::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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All the best stalking the only two decent looking ones and then you upload here…

kinembe iko?

Tulisema they have a kacertain smell like matoke fermented in a coffin . Kisiis have a weird culture


My exact observation and even voiced it to a friend last week.
Kwanza hapo kwa shapely and brown. Encountering this new Kisii breed has become frequent to me of late.

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I notice that in Kenya to be considered beautiful one has to be brown or yellow.
Is it a matter of inferiority complex or what?
The Black is beautiful slogans of the 70s are now dead in Kenya.


Kweli kapsar Kenyans suffers from esteem issues. That’s why we glorify mediocrity. We lack originality we see bleached out face as the S.I unit of beauty.


To each their own, personally naenda light skin. Kwa raha zangu

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Wewe na Nani mwingine …???

The usual Juvenile nonsense that is constantly repeated in this space …
That belief is soo backward:rage:


Kisii women have always been shapely. Thin waist, thick hips and juicy pussy. 2 of my best lays have been kisii

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I would gladly sniff her farts


You mean they have started loosing morals and that’s why they post ass pics to please you. Appreciate what you had earlier. Now they have losing their values.

@PerisNjoki they are outshining you the okuyu in the rosecoco market now days. You people went for the money and left the quality behind.

Wakisii ni washamba sana especially akina Machoka Senior

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Nikiwa Egerton,many years ago nilitomba dem wa SDA dry fry pale Botanical garden .This year during a field assignment in coast I randomly bumped into her nikatomba Tena.She is married with 3 kids

Kafkaf ama na kondiko?