Kisii beauty Miss Moraa..Only gays will hate on this


shapelesss ass, ondoeni ujinga hapa

ass is not just any ass, it has to have an aesthetic shape

2nd & 3rd pic, what is wrong with the thigh ?? :oops::oops::oops::oops:

Fake ass

Butt job gone wrong.

The way you people analyze someone’s body is out of this world. Adults are no longer kids with smooth skin. I understand everything but at times just know that no one is perfect.

normal kisii mafuta.

People have different tastes.

Wewe ni jamaa wa 1GB?

Exercise helps tone the body though.

Nope. But hii hapana. No thank you.

Kwani the girl in the pics ni wewe?

Kwamboka ameanza kuchapa at a fast rate

Tuwekee specs zako pia tuvifafanue kiasi.

Bullshiet! That ass has a terrible angle. Pathetic. Ata heri huyu msupa wangu 4GB.[ATTACH=full]253818[/ATTACH]

weka mbisha yako tufanye ANALysis

You can answer that I know

Speak for yourself!!
Smooth skin ni lazma!!If you take care of yourself, then your skin will be smooth until well into your forties.

People have different tastes.
Some of us prefer lighter skin.And actual eyebrows. and bigger boobs. Not everyone is an ass man.

That’s true. On point