Kirubi vs Rotich on KQ

happening right now citizen tv.

Tupashe habari zaidi, KQ inafungwo ama is vipi

They were talking of “rescuing” KQ… HOTC

-KQ is Insolvent. If they were smart they would have joined Star Alliance and teamed up with Egypt Air and South African to form a Super African Airline that would have given Emirates, Qatar and Turkish a run for their money due to economies of scale.
-They should get out of Skyteam as it’s a parasistic Alliance and move to One world and Star Alliance. They should abandon KLM and instead link up with Emirates or Qatar or Etihad for that Financial Muscle. They should basically seek a symbiotic Alliance and not a Parasitic one.

*If they can’t do this then just let it collapse with the rotten corrupt apples and start a fresh, it will cost less to start a new Airline anyway. My views only from my many years observing the game.


Kirubi was on fire. Alisema kq imesoteshwa na bad marketing ya KLM na pia agents wa kq huwa hawafikishi 50% kwa perfomance. Guess ameinvest lot there he seems to be in a pain

wapi @Okiya alete maoni?

Kirubi is just another narcissistic asshole with a strong sense of entitlement. He just wants to cash in and screw ordinary KQ shareholders the way he did with Uchumi and Kenatco. Though I agree that KQ should abandon its partnership with KLM.


Rotich was so clueless!! He doesn’t even know that KQ flies to China.

On the other hand though Kirubi had valid points though alikuwa na mafeelings. He was the screwer in both Uchumi and Kenatco, this time round he couldn’t believe he is the screwee as a shareholder.

KQ is technically insolvent. I don’t know what will happen but all I know is next year pia itakuwa na loss


The heading of this listing is misleading. In that panel there was no who vs who. Thats a naive way of looking at things. Everyone in that panel was talking the same thing albeit in their own characteristic style. There was no differing of opinion at all. They all appreciated the problems and causes of KQs situation and agreed on the need to resque it.

I dont think so. Nobody there was an insider into KQs day to day operations so you dont expect them to know the nitty grittys. Rotich spoke broadly on how to approach the problem wholistically on even at policy level just like he would approach any big business in trouble and he was there in his capacity as the CS finance representing government. He is not even on the board of KQ. The asian guy spoke as most learned asian businessmen do- using stats. Kirubi spoke like a typical kikuyu businessman pained when money is getting lost somewhere.


Rotich is the Boss of Dr. Kamau Thugge ( PS Treasury) who sits in the KQ board. How can he then not be an insider?

Being a CS he is boss to ao many people who are in the boards of parastatals and companies where govt has interest. As such you dont expect him to know what food KQ serves on board to where

Stop being shallow by bringing pettiness in the argument so as to vindicate yourself.

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A big Airline like KQ only has two cargo aircrafts??

Im very serious

Serious but shallow. The argument wasn’t about food being served in KQ

I equate the two. For you to expect him to come and sing about where KQ flies to and where it doesnt is rather shallow considering his position and the different things he has to do as a CS finance

Nobody said the CS should know all the 50+ KQ routes. What astonished many is that he doesn’t know KQ flies to China. The fact that Kenya is doing lots of business with China it is expected that he should know whether KQ flies there or not. Kama Uhuru anajua why shouldn’t he?