@kiplimo conman

Nikulipe 1250 for creating a gmail account?

Admin merge this threads.

Father Abraham, how is the DP

Payment is not the issue as long you were in an agreement. Why renege on the deal. Kama Mtu alikusaidia lipa yeye. Hii kijiji kuna watu wamenisaidia sana some for free wengine they tell me I pay them with a mzinga of makali.

Cheza chini mimi ni anti ruto

Half a payment after email creation? Hakua amecreate an upwork account hata

You just send him halafu Una mwambia thanks ni vile uko chini ina friendlier way. Hio ingine you tell him ukiwa poa utanunulia yeye konyagi.

And u share 2 kale names…how now…:D:D


But why insult his mother? Of all insults you found you could use, attacking his mother was way too low…You need to apologize!


Upwork is still a good account to own. Especially ya English as Native writer. Hata naweza anza ku bid nayo leo na first order haiwezi kuwa less than $30 for the simplest task

That’s actually the only problem I have with him, saying that after wasting an hour of my time

Hehehe. Umeread even my concern at the first place?

Lol come over you suck my dick alafu ukimaliza tu transact

Hahaha imetahiri au uncut. Though inserting mine in ua mums ass sounds better

Gay thread.

Hiyo ilikuwa salaamu za asubuhi where I grew up! (Majengo Ya Mombasa) Kuma-mama-mako! Variations were Kuma-maye!, Kubabako! :smiley:

Yes when you were a kid, then it was not offensive…Right now you are a grown up banaaa…niite mbwa, ghaseer, tucker tucker…that won’t hurt, it has never!

both of you are monkeys. First, the guy buying an upwork account for 2500 is a monkey, and the guy demanding payment for creating an email is a monkey. Kuna boyz wanguu huunda hizi ma accounts na 500. Pekee